In search of the best data science projects in Spain and Portugal

In search of the best data science projects in Spain and Portugal

Data science It allows us to use the vast information we have in this digital age to find answers that not only make companies more efficient but also solve social problems and improve our quality of life. Boiling field and to which A new Iberian competition seeks to give the recognition it deserves.

SAS, Spain AI and the Portuguese Data Science Association (DSPA) are the entities that have joined forces to launch Curiosity Data Science Iberian Awards. These awards aim to celebrate and promote data science and recognize the work of data scientists in Portugal and Spain.

“Data scientists are naturally curious, and we strive for it The data around us is being used smarter for everyone Anywhere, this type of initiative helps us highlight the great contribution of this specialization to society. ” Christina Sanchez is a data scientist at SAS Spain. “With this first edition of the awards, we want to show the progress made in Spain and Portugal, and illustrate this Data scientists facilitate innovation in organizations Thanks to the value we create with our knowledge and analytical skills, “he adds.

for this reason, The Curiosity Data Science Iberian Awards It will reward projects implemented in 2020 in this area, Both are led by professionals and active students, individually or in groups of up to four people.

There will be a total of three categories which will, in turn, represent the masters where data science is particularly useful: Data4Good (For projects focusing on the social, environmental or public sector), Data4Business (For initiatives that provide improvements in business processes or outcomes) and Data4Innovation (For those developments from the new solutions L. Machine learningArtificial intelligence and data science).

Beyond confession itself, the Curiosity Data Science Iberian Awards They also bring with them significant cash prizes and in the form of SAS licenses for the first and second classified in each of those categories. Specific, The distinguished winners will receive 2000 euros and two e-learning courses from the SAS Data Science Academy, valued at approximately 2590 euros.. Second place winners will receive a prize of € 1,000 and an e-learning course from the SAS Data Science Academy, valued at approximately € 1,295.

How to get involved

The candidates may Submit your nominations until May 31 at midnight. Registration and sending of documents is completely free, while The only prerequisite is that the projects must be carried out in Spain or Portugal (Or that the participants are citizens of either country).

Participation in the competition requires two steps: registration On the awards site, With reference to personal information and contact information, and Send the completed application form to the email address [email protected], With a video presentation of the project. The information must be in English given the international nature of the awards and the jury.

The organization will contact shortlisted candidates starting May 31. The winners will be announced at a special ceremony in June. Where the prizes will be awarded.

the judge

The jury will be composed of two SAS members (One represents Spain and the other represents Portugal), a member of AI Spain, and another of the Portuguese DSPA, along with experts and academic institutions, such as Deusto University or University of Lisbon.

A final guide for participants: The organization has already informed that in addition to the curiosity of the participants, The originality of the idea, project results, applicability of the solution, and technical quality will be evaluated. From the papers provided.

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