Integrative medicine specialists are committed to addressing the patient “globally”.


Regenera co-founder and director of Regenera Clinicas, Xavier Cañellas, emphasizes that it is essential to find the origin of the disease.

According to Canelas, more and more fibromyalgia patients are turning to integrative medicine first.

The affected women are usually between 35 and 60 years old with general pain throughout the body, fatigue, sleep disturbances, gastrointestinal disorders, migraines and dizziness, as well as sadness and anxiety.

Barcelona, ​​May 11, 2021. – Regenera co-founder and Director of Regenera Clinicas, Xavier Cañellas, pointed to the need to deal with patients with fibromyalgia “globally” because “within the fragmented vision of allopathic medicine, it is very complex to understand the multifactorial scale of this syndrome”.

On the occasion of World Fibromyalgia Day, which is celebrated on May 12, Caniellas stressed that “all body systems play in the same team and if one of them fails, it will affect the other.” Therefore, from a global point of view, “a patient from different regions will be an integral part of understanding A person’s system and not an isolated part of it. “

Regenera co-founder emphasized that there are “more and more” people turning to integrative medicine first. According to Canelas, there is a “paradigm shift” that is being experienced and patients “seek to understand what is really happening to them. They are no longer satisfied with taking medication to cover symptoms, they need to match what and why.” In his opinion, “It is wonderful the change they can make when they understand why they are suffering, and what are the causes of their clinical picture.”

People with symptoms of fibromyalgia who come to Regenera clinics are usually women between the ages of 35 and 60, suffering from pain spread throughout the body, fatigue, sleep disturbances, digestive disorders, migraines, and dizziness. Additionally, they represent a significant drop in mood, sadness, and anxiety.

Cannellas explained that from psycho-immunology, “a diagnostic process is created that allows at the first visit to arrange the patient’s story, his biography is translated into a change in his biology and the tools are presented so that the patient himself becomes active in the healing process. The causes, not just the symptoms, are treated.” “While it is possible to understand why this is happening to the patient, and to report and browse the chronology of the onset of symptoms, it makes sense to make the necessary changes in the lives of these people. This is when the patient is able to make decisions in his life at all levels.”

The specialist in integrative medicine and clinical neuropsychiatry claims that he receives in his consultation many people who “feel rejected and misunderstood” when diagnosed with the disease, because “they usually end up in a pain clinic and psychiatry, as the condition worsens. From taking many medications,” That increases their help, further deteriorates their health. “

He also wanted to point out how the fact that disease “judging” is labeled makes the healing process difficult for patients. In his opinion, “the sentence engenders a neurological belief in a person that they will not be treated and that is not the case with fibromyalgia.” “One of the most important difficulties when treating a person with fibromyalgia is converting the diagnosis into a more functional form so that permission is given to change his life. And if one believes that it cannot be cured, then one tends to settle in that condition and conclude that the first step is to make the decision to change the stiffness of the diagnosis. Strict to functional diagnosis.

About Regenera.

Regenera is a pioneering institution in treating patients through clinical neuroimmunology, a science that links all human body systems with substantial scientific evidence and is used as essential tools for nutrition from an evolutionary point of view, functional physical exercise, emotional therapy and an understanding of the pathophysiology of health disorders. In addition to treating ailments such as bowel disease, allergies, stress, food intolerance or fertility problems, it also provides specialized care to elite athletes with the goal of improving their physical performance.

In turn, Regenera is a pioneer in clinical neuroimmunology training in the Spanish territory with a team of high-level teachers. In the past fifteen years, more than 1,400 students have been trained at the University of Regenera, which offers masters and postgraduate degrees in clinical neuroimmunology and integrative medicine. In its eleventh edition of the online master’s program in Clinical Neuroimmunology, which began last April 12, there are more than 150 students enrolled.
Regenera has clinics in Barcelona, ​​Mallorca, Palafrugell and Bagnoles (Girona) and also offers online care.

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