In the midst of tension with Mexico, Spain expresses its “deep affection and respect” for AL

In the midst of tension with Mexico, Spain expresses its “deep affection and respect” for AL

New York.- Spain On Tuesday, he expressed “deep affection and respect”, on the basis of the “equality” he has towards her Latin america At a time when the country is experiencing a climate of tension with Mexico Both for historical and economic issues.

permanent observer of Spain Before the Organization of American States (OAS), Carmen Monton said during a virtual meeting of the organization that “the same challenges are converging in our future” and that Latin america You can count on cooperation Spain.

Monton spoke at an annual event called “The Meeting of Two Worlds” to commemorate the discovery of America on October 12.

“Today is a day when the leading role lies in the relations that unite the American continent and Spain, on a sense of belonging to each other,” Monton said. “rooted in a vast emotional memory that unites the Americas and SpainIt is a day whose main purpose is to celebrate and strengthen our strong and historic relations that look to the future.”

tensions between Spain And Mexico Happened since 2019, when the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador The King of Spain and the Pope demanded an apology for the violations committed during the conquest.

Spain He never accepted, considering the request inappropriate. Later Mexico Repeatedly criticize the Spanish companies located in Mexico Consider them allied with neoliberal governments, an adjective for Lopez Obrador, synonymous with corruption.

Recent statements about the time of the invasion of Mexico made by leaders of the Spanish opposition, including former President Jose Maria Aznar, have sparked controversy.

At the extraordinary session of the OAS Permanent Council on Tuesday, countries like Chile expressed their friendship and gratitude Spain, which was the first country to become a permanent observer of the Organization of American States in 1972. At the meeting, several countries acknowledged the existence of “painful wounds” in the past, referring to abuses committed by the Spaniards against Native Americans, but that Spain was now an ally.


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