Indictment against Sandra Cuevas Court case: Sheinbaum

Indictment against Sandra Cuevas Court case: Sheinbaum

Prime Minister Claudia Sheinbaum has denied that the charge against Cuauhtemoc Mayor Sandra Cuevas – who has been accused of abuse of power, theft and discrimination – is a political issue, but that It’s a legal matter It is “in the hands of justice”.

After the probation judge ordered the temporary suspension of the mayor’s office, as well as a ban on approaching police officers who denounced her and leaving the country, Cuevas was accused of launching a campaign against her, run by the Morena and Sheinbaum party.

We tell you: A judge has temporarily suspended the mayor of Cuauhtemoc, Sandra Cuevas, from office

However, the Prime Minister stressed that such statements are “completely false”, and that the position of the mayor It is not a personal or political issueBut it is “essentially a judicial issue.”

In the Tuesday press conferenceThe President said that the complaint and actions against Sandra Cuevas arose in the deeds I have committed against the city police.

“It’s in the hands of justice, it’s not an issue that has anything to do with the Mexico City government, with the head of government, with anyone in the city government, it’s an original fact with a criminal complaint and the judge’s decision.”

When asked how the metropolitan government coordinated with the Cuauhtemoc delegation, Sheinbaum emphasized that It will continue as it was Until now.

“I understand that there has to be someone in charge of the office and there we will continue to coordinate as in any of the other 15 mayors,” he said.

In addition, he reported that they would wait for a probation judge’s ruling to determine the status of the mayor’s office, since the constitution, according to Sheinbaum, indicates that if an incumbent has been out of office for 60 days, before completing two years. From his administration, new elections must be held.

In February, the capital’s prosecutor’s office announced that I was investigating Sandra CuevasAfter a complaint filed by two police chiefs, they assisted with the security of the citizen “with the crime of deprivation of liberty, abuse of power and theft, whatever the consequences.”

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It is detailed that both elements I was physically and verbally abused Repeatedly by the head of the mayor’s office, as well as by many of the men who were with her.

The investigation began after Cuevas summoned the auxiliary police officers to a meeting, supposed to be to coordinate the reorganization of informal trade in the historic center, as a result of the dispute over jurisdiction that arose over the case.

Soon, the prosecution Officially request a preliminary hearing To attribute to the mayor of Cuauhtémoc, whose first call was postponed at the insistence of the incumbent.

On the second attempt, the probation judge Three precautionary measures were imposed: Signing daily attendance, not leaving the country and suspending activities.

After Cuevas denounced the campaign against him, the capital’s public prosecutor’s office replied that “he is not doing any political persecution” and that he is simply complying with the law.

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