Influencer and geologist Rosie Moore advises what to do if you come across a snake

Influencer and geologist Rosie Moore advises what to do if you come across a snake

Rosie MooreKnown among his followers as The “world’s most beautiful geologist” has gone viral after offering advice to people who encounter snakes in Florida, United States, during his vacation. Namely, these snakes, which breed in the Everglades, have even appeared in residential areas.

He has constant contact with wild animals. Photo: rosiekmoore.

Rosie, a wildlife expert who works for Animal Welfare in Delray, shared her knowledge of what to do in the presence of these animals. in Florida and have taken dozens of these species from wetlands in Florida.

Rosie Moore said that you should do the following

In an interview with regional TV channel WPBF, Rosie explained that she had never been attacked by this type of snake, but warned that when she tries to grab or provoke them, they can be dangerous. He stated that if someone came across a snake, they should move away slowly and notify the authorities so they can take care of it.

It is constantly spreading viral. Photo: rosiekmoore.

Rosie is known for her Instagram videos, in which she shows snakes and crocodiles, but She’s also a model, so she shares postcards in a bikini or with her best outfit.

He has a new pet

On her Instagram, Rosie revealed that she has a black widow spider as a new member of her family. Despite the negative notoriety of these spiders, Rosie explains that they are not as dangerous as people think.

She is also a model. Photo: rosiekmoore.

“Her name is Ophelia… I’ve wanted one for years and finally got one!… But don’t go out and touch one unless you’re prepared, black widow bites can be fatal (under certain circumstances)… It can only bite if it comes into contact with bare skin. “It couldn’t have stung me through my clothes,” he explained.

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