FMS Internacional 2022: results, classifieds and highlights from the first day of qualifying from Colombia

FMS Internacional 2022: results, classifieds and highlights from the first day of qualifying from Colombia
FMS International: Vijay Kesh reached the grand final after a tough fight against MNAK. Photo: Urban Roosters

These are the 16 matches that qualify for the Grand Final on Sunday 12 March:

The final fight in The Las Bullet is Lokillo vs. master

Nitro challenged the Philosopher to the last bullet

Stewart defeated Black Code and qualified for the Grand Final. In this way, Vijay Kesh will be the sole representative of FMS Peru in the final

Stewart wins and seeded to the Grand Final! 🔥#FMSInternational 🌍

– #URBANROOSTERS (@urbanroosters) March 12, 2023

Stewart takes on Black Code in this Last Bullet round

FMS International takes place in Colombia

Second round results:

The philosopher won the stick

Black Code defeated Minak

defeated Lukilo Teorima

The six winners will face each other and the top three winners will advance to the final.

The last fight of this round will be between Lokillo and Teorema

Skiper challenges Blon to the penultimate battle

Minak challenges Black Code to battle

Zhang Nitro challenged him to a fight

Stewart defeated Joqqer and is still alive at the FMS International

FMS International takes place in Colombia

The competition continues. Stuart challenges Joqqer in the new qualifying stage

FMS International takes place in Colombia

They are the winners of the stage. The 12 winners move on to the final on Sunday, joining defending champions Jazzir. The losers will fight for three places.

Steppenwolf defeated Zhang

The Riddler beat the Philosopher

Vijay Kesh defeated Manak

VallesT defeated Teorema

Zina defeated Black Code

joker vs. Pask’s last fight tonight

Black Code challenged Zina to the eleventh fight on FMS International

Nitro challenges Chuty to the 10th FMS International battle

VallesT challenges Teorema to a ninth battle

Mika challenges Skipper to the eighth battle

Resumption of the competition. Stewart defeats Rabder in the seventh fight

Manak challenges Vijay Kesh to the sixth fight

Riddler challenges Brainy to a fifth battle

Lokillo challenges Skone to a fourth battle

Zhang challenges Steppenwolf on the third day

stick vs. Larrix by FMS International

stick vs. Larrix by FMS International. YouTube Urban Roosters

Stick challenges Larrix to a second battle

Zticma was challenged by Blon to the first fight of the first day of the FMS International

Chuti (Spain) exits with a minute of presentation

Valles (Colombia) and Nitro (Chile) concluded the pre-competition round

Presentation minutes proceed in the following order:

Code Black (Peru – Venezuela)

Zhang (Colombia – Venezuela)

Presentation transcripts begin:

Urban Roosters announced that they wouldn’t be able to count on having two of their classified ads.

Added to the loss of Aczino is the absence of the Peruvian representative and two-time current champion of his tournament: Jaze. Despite the fact that freestyle was and will remain one of the pillars of his daily life, he wants to distance himself from the circle of competition, for personal reasons, and give up his place to other artists who have a lot at the moment. More enthusiasm and desire to compete in what will be the event of the year.

For both positions, on the one hand, you’ll go with Stick instead of Jaze because he’s the closest on the table. On the other hand, Zina will replace Akino, where he was his opponent in the last international court held in May, which is what actually happened in 2019 with El Minor and Troino.

Likewise, Papo and Nekroos will not be able to attend the international FMS. Because of this, Babu’s replacement would be the Philosopher and Necros, based on his league table, Blackcode. Necros suffers from a health problem and we wish him a speedy recovery.

The competition begins under the Peruvian host Metz

Mexican rapper Aczino returns to the Freestyle Master Series (FMS) International as current champion to put his title on the line against the best roosters from leagues in Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Peru. EFE / Urban Roosters / Editorial use only / Available only to illustrate accompanying news (mandatory credit)

The leagues featuring Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Colombia will add 24 qualifying matches in total. Today Saturday 11th of Play With 1v1 battles that will determine the 12 artists who make it to the Grand Final the next day. Those who lose will have a new chance at last bulletreplay with 6 1v1 fights between the losers to give 3 more places that will accompany those previously mentioned and the current champion, Gazir, on the most anticipated day of the year.

Midway through the season, the first international cut was made with the top four from each league facing off against an opponent from another country to see if they would determine their seeding. Now, with the conclusion of all leagues, the top two of each schedule (or the two that actually follow those seeded ones) have already earned their pass. This is the full list with their bios!

In 2019, the first season of the International FMS took place, with the victory of the legendary Aczino. In 2021, Spain’s Al Jazir lifted the trophy in Madrid. This third edition takes place in Bogota on two dates to meet the overall winner.

The freestyle event will be held today, Saturday 11th and tomorrow, Sunday, 12th March Colombiaexactly in Big Top Americas CorferiasSearch for mc The most complete in the Spanish panorama.

FMS International celebrates its second day in Mexico.

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