The AliExpress package took 5 years to arrive; This is how Grupo Milenio reacts on Twitter

The AliExpress package took 5 years to arrive;  This is how Grupo Milenio reacts on Twitter

Buying online can be the best option in most cases, since everything is within ‘click’ reach.However, it has been proven that on many occasions it ends up backfiring due to Something may arrive completely different than expected or you may receive the order years after you purchased it.

Although this may sound surreal, it happened to a young woman who revealed the situation on social networks. Twitter user @laurss14 shared two photos showing that on May 1, 2017, she purchased a Harry Potter keychain through AliExpress, but didn’t receive it until this year.

“Just received a keychain from AliExpress that I ordered on May 1, 2017,” his post description reads. Which adds up to nearly 2 million interactions and thousands of reactions from users who were amazed at all the time they had to wait.

“The important thing is that she has arrived”, “I am waiting for love”, “I wish I could get some of the bracelets, hair clips, necklaces and earrings I ordered in 2018”, “So I have faith that I got a bts album”, “It gives me a little hope that My hat off xd”, “This tweet completely defines my relationship with AliExpress,” they replied in the comments.

It is common for products purchased on AliExpress to have a longer delivery time than other companies, such as You have to remember that the online sales platform is based in China and there are many factors that determine how long it will take for your package to arrive.

Although the situation already looked funny enough, it only got worse when… The official account of Aliexpress Spain responded to the young woman’s post on Twitter, where her response was less than expected by users.

“Patience is the mother of all sciences, Laura,” the response came from the sales platform’s official accountSomething completely different from what many expected.


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