small, black, stinging insects infest Argentina; This is how it looks VIDEO Millennium Collection

small, black, stinging insects infest Argentina;  This is how it looks  VIDEO Millennium Collection

population Buenos Aires and suburbs of Buenos Aires, in ArgentinaI reported an invasion “Black bugs” itchno. And the situation increased from the intense heat that was recorded in the country and caused confusion among the population.

Through social networks, users believed that it was Bathroom licebut, It is another type of insect. Bedbugs “stick to the skin” and cause a “very itchy sensation”.

“Only in my house do little black bugs bite you?”Somebody Do you feel invaded by these little black insects? “,”is the epidemic of the end of the world “and”Today I was bitten by 30 of those weird black bugs,” these are some of the comments.

What are “black bugs”?

These are small insects that are popularly known as tripsand his scientific name Caliothrips fascioli They usually appear in rural areas every summer.

These insects from "It is almost black, dark gray in color and just over a millimeter long. They have a reticulated background of the head and thorax, the forewings have two pale regions that cross like bands, and the legs are dark with pale tibial tips,” according to National Pest Surveillance and Monitoring System of the Argentine Government.

Thrips grow in the field, however, caused drought and heat wave in the region Moving to the city and greater Buenos Aires.

Reports indicate sightings in Plants, ponds, clothes and even swimming pools, while the residents’ discomfort focuses on the itches they generate.

How did they fight?

Black bugs are difficult to detect due to their size and location in plants, so this is recommended Taking care of the appearance of blackheads (which is their droppings) on the leaves of plants, add National pest control and monitoring system.

Thrips are attracted to the color blue. Specialists recommend Place sticky blue traps To catch them, which can be done Plastic and oil parts.

Several days are necessary to capture as many insects as possible, however, it is a good idea to check the trap from time to time, according to Clarion.

Other options include using powdered potassium soap, Any natural herbicide.


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