She made a purchase online, it arrived 5 years later and the shipping company’s response upset her

She made a purchase online, it arrived 5 years later and the shipping company’s response upset her

Currently, it is very popular to make purchases via the Internetwhere the ease of payment and delivery while you are in your home, Make it one of my favorites By many when buying new products.

A moment when a user named Laura Subscribed on Twitter His own experience of receiving an application he submitted five years ago.

The woman shared the experience on TwitterTwitter

Due to the delay due to the delivery, the young woman did not decide to remain silent and marked the official account of the company AliExpress To let them know their order has finally arrived After an exaggerated waiting time.

In 2017, he bought a “Draco Malfoy” keychain, a character from the hit franchise Harry Potter, but in its own LEGO version. but, She never came and felt like she was scammed by the app.

Then, the user decides to take photos of the order, capture the date of purchase, and flag the company for unusual delivery. To his surprise, the Slytherin wizard keychain arrived in the year 2023, so he decided to tell his story on his social media.

In the Twitter post, he never expected his message to become so popular. Moreover, it caught the eye of the AliExpress operators, who responded to it in a funny way. Patience is the mother of all sciences, Laura.

AliExpress’ hilarious response

The event went viral due to the delay in purchase and has already got more than 64.3k ‘likes’ and close to Alfie retweeted. Users did not hesitate to leave their comments in comic mode.

“It’s never too late”; “SpongeBob stickers now make a lot of sense”; “At least what I ordered has arrived” and “I am optimistic, I placed an order in 2020, maybe by 2026,” were some of the reactions of hundreds of users.

In addition, others have joked by asking the user if they have made a purchase before Internet Explorer browserBecause sometimes the search engine tends to fail and does not load the sites.

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