Is Cheng Lei Married?

Cheng Lei, a prominent Australian business reporter and news host with Chinese roots, has caught the attention of many across the globe.

Her extensive career, relationship with Nick Coyle, and recent detention in China have made headlines. This article delves into her professional journey, personal life, relationship, and the latest news surrounding her.

Who is Cheng Lei?

Cheng Lei was born in 1975, holding both Chinese and Australian ancestry. Known for her dedication to journalism, she served as CNBC’s China reporter for nine years, showcasing her in-depth knowledge of political and economic issues.

Later, she joined China Global Television Network (CGTN) as the lead news anchor and hosted the influential program Global Business, further cementing her reputation in the field.

Is Cheng Lei Married?

The question of Cheng Lei’s marital status has sparked curiosity and rumors, particularly concerning her relationship with Nick Coyle.

While their connection is undeniably strong and Coyle’s public comments about Cheng Lei have added to the intrigue, there is no concrete evidence to confirm that they are married. Their relationship goes beyond a normal one, but its exact nature remains somewhat mysterious.

Who is Cheng Lei’s Husband?

Nick Coyle, Cheng Lei’s partner, is a significant figure in her life. Though there is no official confirmation that they are married, Coyle has been a constant presence, supporting Cheng Lei’s cause and talking openly about her.

His outspoken support showcases their deep bond, though the exact details of their relationship remain unclear.

Cheng Lei News

Cheng Lei’s professional achievements have been overshadowed by her detention by Chinese officials in September 2020. The reasons for her arrest, related to allegations of endangering China’s national security, continue to raise questions and concerns.

Nick Coyle has taken on the role of her advocate, actively posting updates and sharing personal communications, including a love letter sent by Cheng Lei to Australia.

Cheng Lei Personal Life

Beyond her professional life, Cheng Lei is known for her deep connection with her family and her partner, Nick Coyle. Her personal life intertwines with her professional pursuits, as seen in her passion for journalism and her love for her family.

Though she keeps the names of her two children private, her affection for them and her dedication to their well-being are apparent.

Cheng Lei Family

Family plays a crucial role in Cheng Lei’s life. She is a caring mother of two children, whose names are kept secret to ensure their safety. Despite the demands of her career and personal challenges, her love for her family is unshaken.

The support from Nick Coyle further adds to the portrait of a woman who values close relationships and cherishes her family ties.


Cheng Lei’s life is a tapestry of professional triumphs, personal connections, and recent challenges.

Her impressive career in journalism, unique relationship with Nick Coyle, and deep love for her family paint a picture of a multi-dimensional figure.

Her detention and the ongoing questions about her relationship with Coyle add layers of complexity to her story.

Despite the ambiguities surrounding certain aspects of her life, Cheng Lei’s impact on journalism and her undeniable connection to her loved ones continue to resonate.

Her story serves as a compelling narrative of success, love, and resilience in the face of adversity.

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