Is Helen Skelton Dating?

Helen Skelton, a household name in the UK and renowned TV star, has seen her share of ups and downs.

From a thriving career spanning decades to her recent personal changes and relationship status, Skelton remains an icon of strength and resilience.

Dive deeper to explore the captivating journey of this Blue Peter star.

Who is Helen Skelton?

Helen Skelton is widely recognized for her work on popular shows such as Blue Peter and Countryfile. These appearances cemented her as one of the UK’s favorite television personalities.

A vibrant presence on screen, Skelton has also been known for her adventurous spirit, attempting daring challenges for charity. Her personal life, however, has recently come under the spotlight, bringing to light some of the challenges she faces behind the cameras.

Helen Skelton’s Early Life & Career

Born in Carlisle, Cumbria, Helen Skelton’s passion for the media world became evident early on. She graduated from the Cumbria Institute of the Arts with a BA in journalism.

Quickly making her mark in the industry, she secured a position at Border Television and then BBC Radio Cumbria.

Skelton’s significant break came when she joined the team of Blue Peter, where she became known not just as a presenter but also for her adventurous stints.

From kayaking the Amazon to tightrope walking between chimneys, her fearless endeavors added a unique touch to the show.

Her subsequent work on Countryfile and various other hosting gigs solidified her reputation as a versatile and talented presenter.

Through her career, she has seamlessly combined her professional pursuits with her personal passions, making her a role model for many aspiring journalists and presenters.

Is Helen Skelton Dating?

After her separation from Richie Myler, the Leeds Rhinos rugby player, Helen Skelton is treading cautiously back into the dating world.

The couple, who had just welcomed their third child, Elsie, four months prior to their announcement, decided to part ways, as confirmed by Helen’s Instagram post in April 2022.

The post-divorce period often comes with a plethora of emotions, from rediscovery to vulnerability. For Skelton, while she’s not rushing headlong into a new serious relationship, she seems open to new experiences, forging connections, and potentially meeting new people.

Who is Helen Skelton Dating Now?

While Helen Skelton has been quite discreet about her personal life post-divorce, it is clear she is cautiously navigating the waters of dating.

The aftermath of her breakup with Myler, especially given the close proximity to the birth of their youngest child, suggests Helen is probably prioritizing healing, personal growth, and the well-being of her children.

Though there are murmurs of her seeing someone, no confirmations have come forth, suggesting Skelton prefers keeping her love life private.

Is Helen Skelton in a Relationship?

The intricate dynamics of personal relationships after a breakup can be both challenging and transformative. Helen Skelton seems to be embracing this transformation phase, with an emphasis on self-love and growth.

Sources indicate she’s dating, but perhaps without any strings attached. For now, her primary focus appears to be on her children – Ernie, Louis, and Elsie, and ensuring they have a stable environment amidst the changes.


Helen Skelton’s journey, both professionally and personally, is a testament to her resilience, determination, and zest for life.

From her meteoric rise in the world of British television to her recent personal challenges and transformations, she remains an inspiration.

As she navigates the new chapters of her life, one thing is certain: Helen Skelton will continue to shine, adapt, and inspire, no matter the circumstances.

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