Who is Brad Keselowski’s Wife?


In the high-octane world of NASCAR, the heart-pounding action on the track is mirrored by the personal stories of its racers.

One such tale is that of Brad Keselowski and Paige White, a couple bound together by their love for racing and their shared life journey.

Here, we delve into the life and times of this dynamic duo, charting their course from childhood to the NASCAR circuit and everything in between.

Who is Brad Keselowski?


Brad Keselowski, born on February 12, 1984, is a household name in the world of American stock car racing. A professional driver, team owner, and business owner, Brad has made a mark not just for his racing acumen, but also for his leadership qualities and entrepreneurial spirit.

Racing in the prestigious NASCAR Cup Series, he drives the No. 6 Ford Mustang for RFK Racing. Furthermore, Keselowski’s business acumen shines through as he’s also a co-owner of RFK Racing.

Who is Brad Keselowski’s Wife?

Paige White, known to many as Paige Keselowski after her marriage to Brad, was born in Plymouth, North Carolina, on April 6, 1988. Far from being just a spouse of a famous racer, Paige herself has deep roots in racing.

Her father, Louis White, was a short-track driver, and Paige grew up with the familiar roar of engines in the background. She’s a graduate of East Carolina University, holding a degree in psychology and a minor in pre-med.

Beyond her academic achievements, Paige is deeply involved in charitable work, assisting Brad particularly with endeavors through the Chequered Flag Foundation.

How Did Brad Keselowski and Paige White Meet?

The origin of Brad and Paige’s love story remains shrouded in a delightful mystery. Although the exact circumstances of their first meeting are private, what’s clear is their shared love for racing played cupid.

Their relationship began in 2004, and they navigated the twists and turns of life together.

This mutual love for the sport, combined with a deep personal connection, led to their engagement in 2016. They sealed their love with marriage on February 10, 2017.

Brad Keselowski Early Life & Career

Brad Keselowski’s entry into the world of racing wasn’t accidental. His passion for speed and cars was evident from an early age. As he grew older, his commitment to the sport became unwavering, culminating in a successful racing career that’s the envy of many.

Brad started in the lower tiers of racing, gradually making his way up the ladder. His dedication, skill, and natural talent made him stand out, and soon he found himself in the elite league of racers participating in the NASCAR Cup Series.

The zenith of his career was arguably his association with RFK Racing, both as a leading driver and as a co-owner, showcasing his multifaceted talents.

Brad Keselowski Children


Love and family form the core of Brad and Paige’s world. Their union has been blessed with two daughters: Scarlett, born on May 19, 2015, and Autumn, born on November 30, 2019. Parenthood has been a transformative experience for the couple.

carlett’s early health challenges tested them as parents, but their love, resilience, and commitment saw them through the turbulent times.

With their family set to grow larger with the anticipated arrival of a baby boy in November 2023, Brad and Paige’s journey as parents is only becoming richer.


The tale of Brad Keselowski and Paige White is one that’s replete with passion, perseverance, and profound love. From the tracks of NASCAR to the challenges and joys of parenthood, they’ve stood together, exemplifying what it means to be true partners in every sense.

Their story serves as an inspiration, reminding us that behind the glitz and glamour of professional racing, there are real stories, real challenges, and real love that binds people together.

In the world of motorsport and beyond, Brad and Paige are undoubtedly a power couple, steering their life journey with grace, grit, and an unyielding bond.

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