Is it possible to predict premature births? science answers

Is it possible to predict premature births?  science answers

Is it possible to predict premature births? It seems that to know He will get the answer, given that there is a mark on the cheek cells of mothers and fathers premature babies He could help develop a test to determine if the pregnancy might end too soon. sayings the exams can help Preventing premature births and its many influences on children’s health.

Anticipating premature births

at study Posted in Scientific ReportsThe researchers documented more than 100 genetic biomarkers in mothers of premature infants what were they Unlike mothers of mature children. The Parents had fewer vital signsbut sufficient to suggest a possible role for the father in preterm birth.

lead author Michael Skinner, Professor From the Faculty of Biological Sciences in Washington State University says what or what:

“The sign we found was present in all the fathers we analyzed. This will likely eventually lead to a very useful test. We use buccal cells collected from a cheek swab. It is non-invasive and easy to do.”

The Epigenetics It includes Molecular factors and processes around DNA that determine the behavior of genes. Although it is independent of the DNA sequence, Epigenetic modifications they may be it causes by exposure to Toxic substances, malnutrition, alcohol consumption, It can also be hereditary.


In this study, researchers found that women who had given birth prematurely had more than 100 of these biomarkers, indicating that The tendency to have a premature baby can be transmitted.

For this investigation, Researchers scanned the cheeks of two sets of mother-father-infant trios Shortly after birth. in a series of 19 triplets, babies were born premature and in another group of 21 triplets, babies were born full term. genetic analysis Mark revealed in mothers and fathers and premature women, But nothing in premature boys.

Premature delivery, before the 37th week of pregnancy, can be fatal for some babiesMany live but face a variety of lifelong health problems, including cognitive disabilities and cardiovascular problems. There are many risk factors that can cause premature birth, such as a twin pregnancy or multiple pregnancy and preeclampsia, but some premature births are unexpected. in devotion, Get a diagnostic test Early in your pregnancy it may allow you to take steps to delay or… Prevent premature birth.

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