The little mouse piñatas was an exercise in freedom of expression: Yesenia Rojo

The little mouse piñatas was an exercise in freedom of expression: Yesenia Rojo

Culiacan. without-. For a human rights complaint to be made, it must be against the actions of the authority and not the authority, and it denounces why? It was an exercise in freedom of expression.” Yesenia Rojo Carrizosa, the legal representative of People United AC.

This, after the statements of the director of tourism in Culiacan, Alma Elenes, where Sure He files a series of complaints about the use of his picture in a file piñata Of the rats that were displayed in a demonstration against Mayor Estrada Ferrero.

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Yesenia Rojo Carrizosa asserted that those who referred to her, it was because they had very verifiable arguments, however, she said, if she thought it necessary to proceed to RuleWell, let the process begin.

“Let them start it, but point it directly, personalize it, because you can’t make a complaint without mentioning who you’re making, you’ll already know how to stand up for yourself” Indian.

Rojo Karizusa stated that she was the only one who expressed her dissatisfaction with being shown in this way.

“I asked to speak to the group and no one wanted to talk to her and then she came out to make those statements.”commented.

A few days ago, the municipal official indicated that the presence in a demonstration against the city council caused moral damage.

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