How do you solve tax loss problems in your annual return? This says SAT – El Financiero

How do you solve tax loss problems in your annual return?  This says SAT – El Financiero

Like every year, the moral people (and physical) are required for compliance subordinate Annual statement. The Service Tax Administration (SAT) reported that deadline To present the interview fiscal year 2021Is it The last day of the march.

The Statement comes pre-filledthis diversity has generated Problems related to tax losses Existing in companies (legal persons, such as SA, S. de RLAC, SC, etc.). Other economic entities can also cause a financial loss.

The tax loss Happens when The company spends more than the income it receivesThis is possible when the capital that has been contributed to the company absorbs the excess expenses. Tax loss is recognized, when The reason for the lossSubject to the rules established by him Income Tax Law (ISR).

Tax Loss Recommendations

SAT gives a series of Recommendations for submitting your annual permitWhere it presents you with a series of solutions to the problems related to it, in a document called “Annual Declaration of Legal Entities 2021. Frequently Asked Questions”.

at tax loss department say so in Annual return for 2021 is not shown pending tax losses To apply from previous years that were properly declared in 2020. How do I display them on my return?

The SAT document says so in the question Do you have tax losses from years prior to filing? located in design department”you must return to answer this question by selecting one of the answer options with “No” and then answering “Yes”, this will lead to Update preloaded information subordinate Tax Loss Amounts Waiting for submission.

The SAT highlights that if you have a tax return filed without submitting (interim tax return) for 2021, you must delete it. Likewise, it deletes history, cookies and cache so that the information preload is updated.

Another frequent question is that if a tax loss is captured in the annual statement for fiscal year 2019, but not reflected in the 2021 statement, how can it be applied in the company statement?

The answer is that if your result on your 2019 annual return is a tax loss, you should check if it is recorded in the field Tax loss for the yearlocated in the Tax Determination section. In case you don’t see it reflected In this field and instead look at the field “Financial profit for the year” “0”, Do the following so that your loss Fiscal Year 2019 Preloaded In Announcement 2021:

1. Submit a supplementary declaration of the adjustment for the fiscal year 2019, without modifying any data, so that the result obtained is corrected and the amount of your loss appears in the “Fiscal year tax loss” field.

2. Wait 24 hours for the information from your 2019 return to be reflected in your 2020 return.

3. Next, file a Supplementary FY20 Amendment Return, answer “Yes” to the question Do you have tax losses from previous years to file? located in the “Selection” section

4. The “Loss from previous years applied in the year” field will be enabled, which will have a “Capture” button, select it and a section will be enabled where you must record the updated amount of your tax losses from previous years so that the remaining balances can be created pending application of tax losses your own.

5. Submit your return, wait 24 hours for the information from your 2020 return to be reflected in your 2021 return.

6. Next, enter to file your annual return for 2021, on which the amount of tax losses will be pre-charged.

Finally, if in the annual announcement for fiscal year 2021 You cannot apply the amount of your tax losses from previous yearsWhat you must do to apply it is the following:

You should answer “Yes” to the question “Do you have tax losses from prior years to apply?” This will enable the “Tax losses from previous years that are applied in the year” field which will have a “Capture” button.

When selected, a partition containing a file will be enabled Amounts of losses recorded in the statement for the year 2020. In the event that you omit to declare these amounts, you must submit a supplementary declaration of your fiscal year 2020 adjustment, in order to record it in the aforementioned declaration and with it pre-load the residuals of your losses in fiscal year 2021.

The said loss may be reduced from the tax profit for the following ten years until its exhaustion, and when it has not been reduced in one year, and it was possible to do so, the right to do so in subsequent years and up to the amount that would have been taken will be forfeited

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