In an era where the entertainment industry is embracing diversity and authenticity more than ever, young actors like Joe Locke are stepping into the limelight, not just for their impeccable acting skills but also for their courage in embracing their true selves.

Joe Locke, a fresh face in Hollywood, has been turning heads both for his remarkable performances and his candid revelations about his sexuality.

Who is Joe Locke?

Joseph William Locke, simply known as Joe Locke, is a budding actor hailing from the Isle of Man. He’s made quite a splash in the entertainment arena, most notably with his role as high school student Charlie Spring in the critically acclaimed Netflix show, Heartstopper.

This role, in particular, has earned him much adulation, catapulting him to the status of a rising star in the world of cinema and television.

Beyond his on-screen persona, Locke stands as a beacon of inspiration for many, especially the LGBTQ+ community.

Is Joe Locke Gay?

Yes, Joe Locke, in a candid and brave interview with Teen Vogue, disclosed that he is gay. His declaration was met with an outpouring of support, with many praising him for his honesty.

Locke mentioned that he had come to terms with his sexuality at the age of 12 but hadn’t felt the compulsion to speak about it publicly until that moment.

Joe Locke’s Sexuality

Joe’s acknowledgment of his sexuality is significant in an industry that historically has not always been welcoming to openly LGBTQ+ actors.

His decision to speak about his sexual orientation adds a layer of authenticity to his portrayal of characters and gives hope to countless young individuals struggling with their identities.

The confluence of his personal journey with his professional roles creates a powerful narrative that resonates deeply with audiences worldwide.

Joe Locke’s Age

Born on September 24, 2003, Joe Locke, at the tender age of 19, has already shown the maturity and depth in his performances that rival many seasoned actors.

His youth brings a freshness and relatability to his roles, making him a favorite among audiences, especially the younger generation.

Joe Locke’s Early Life & Career

Joe’s journey into the world of acting commenced at the National Theatre Connections in 2020. Here, he began honing his craft, immersing himself in the world of theatre.

His subsequent involvement in productions at esteemed venues like the Gaiety Theatre and youth group performances at the Kensington Art Centre further refined his skills.

However, it was the Netflix adaptation of Alice Oseman’s webcomic and graphic novel, Heartstopper, where Joe truly shone. His portrayal of Charlie Spring, a young man navigating the complexities of young love and his sexuality, garnered widespread acclaim.

The authenticity and vulnerability he brought to this character were palpable, making him a household name overnight.

This success paved the way for other projects, including his involvement in Marvel Studios’ Agatha: Coven of Chaos for Disney+, marking another significant milestone in his burgeoning career.


Joe Locke’s ascent in the entertainment industry serves as a testament to the changing dynamics in Hollywood.

It’s no longer just about the talent – though Locke has plenty of it – but also about authenticity, representation, and the courage to be one’s true self.

At a young age, he embodies the hope and promise of a new generation of actors who are not only gifted but are also unafraid to embrace and share their true selves with the world.

As Joe Locke continues to soar to new heights in his career, he will undoubtedly remain a source of inspiration for many, reminding everyone that in embracing one’s truth, true magic happens both on and off the screen.

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