In the universe of sports, individuals often stand out for their impeccable skills, dedication, and spirit.

But sometimes, the story isn’t just about one athlete – it’s about two, and the remarkable journey they share.

Enter Kelly Maxwell and David Mendham, two outstanding athletes from Oklahoma State University whose love for their sports is only paralleled by their love for each other.

Who is Kelly Maxwell?

Hailing from Friendswood, Texas, Kelly Maxwell is not just another name in the sports roster of Oklahoma State University. She is a softball sensation. As a Redshirt junior starter, her reputation as a formidable pitcher precedes her.

But it’s not just her prowess on the field that’s noteworthy. She comes from a lineage steeped in sports – her parents, Mark and Susan Maxwell, and her brother, Cole, all have had their tryst with athletics.

Kelly’s rise in softball is punctuated by her numerous awards and acknowledgments, from the 2020 First-Team Academic All-Big 12 to the 2021 NFCA First-Team All-Region.

Her skills have made her a mainstay in discussions about the future of women’s softball.

Is Kelly Maxwell Married?

Yes, Kelly Maxwell isn’t just acing it on the field; she’s hit a home run in her personal life too. In October 2021, the sports community was abuzz with the news of her marriage to another remarkable athlete – David Mendham.

The union was not just a merging of two souls but also a blending of two great sporting talents from Oklahoma State University.

This union has added another layer to their already illustrious profiles, making them a true power couple in the sports world.

Who is Kelly Maxwell’s Husband?

David Mendham is not just the man by Kelly’s side; he’s an athlete in his own right with a reputation that shines brightly in the college baseball circuit.

Born in 1999 in Ontario, Canada, David’s journey to Oklahoma State University is a testament to his dedication and love for baseball.

Before joining OSU, he showcased his prowess at South Carolina, where he played 54 games in the 2021 season, starting in 52 of them.

His Canadian roots combined with his evolving American baseball journey makes his story unique and inspiring.

Kelly Maxwell Personal Life

Beyond the pitches and the accolades, Kelly’s personal life paints a picture of a determined woman, passionate about her sport and her loved ones. While her relationship with David Mendham is a significant chapter, there’s more to her narrative.

Her academic pursuits in Biochemistry, coupled with her sports career, showcase her multifaceted personality.

Additionally, her close-knit bond with her sports-oriented family, and her aspirations for the future, which include expanding her family through adoption, provide a more intimate look into who Kelly Maxwell truly is.


The narrative of Kelly Maxwell and David Mendham is not just a tale of two athletes; it’s a testament to dedication, love, mutual respect, and the beautiful journey they’re crafting together.

As they continue to inspire many with their achievements on the field, their personal life story serves as a beacon of hope, ambition, and partnership.

In a world where individual successes are often celebrated, their shared journey shines as a testament to what can be achieved together.

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