Is Tessa Pregnant? Will She and Hardin Have a Baby in After Movie?


In the captivating and emotionally-charged world of Anna Todd’s After series, audiences around the globe have been drawn into the tumultuous love story of Tessa Young and Hardin Scott.

passionate romance, filled with ups and downs, has been the crux of the series and has successfully captured the hearts of millions. The narrative further intensifies in the fourth installment, After Ever Happy, where viewers are left grappling with a dramatic revelation – Tessa’s pregnancy.

Popularity of the Show

The immense popularity of the After  series can be attributed to its potent exploration of young love and all its accompanying trials, triumphs, and tribulations.

The narrative, which unfolded over four movies, has kept audiences hooked with its raw and realistic portrayal of the complexities of romantic relationships. This particularly resonates with the millennial and Gen Z viewers, making it a sensation, especially on platforms like Netflix.

Is Tessa Pregnant?

The shocking revelation of Tessa’s pregnancy in After Ever Happy undoubtedly becomes a major turning point in the storyline, adding a profound emotional intensity to the narrative.

Prior to this unexpected news, Tessa had been told by her OB-GYN that she suffered from cervical insufficiency and that her chances of conceiving were close to none. This devastating diagnosis had sent Tessa into a whirlwind of emotional turmoil, causing her to confront the harsh reality of never being able to bear her own children.

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However, the narrative takes an unforeseen turn when Tessa wakes up one morning and announces her pregnancy. The moment is fraught with an amalgamation of emotions – surprise, fear, hope, and despair – all of which ripple through Tessa, and consequently, the audience.

This unexpected twist in the plot reflects the series’ ability to keep its viewers consistently engaged and invested in the characters’ lives.

Tessa’s pregnancy announcement has far-reaching implications. For Tessa herself, it means grappling with the reality of motherhood, a prospect she had begun to believe was impossible for her.

It also forces her to reevaluate her relationship with Hardin. The pregnancy news becomes a test for their already strained relationship, with both Tessa and Hardin having to navigate their conflicting feelings and fears about becoming parents.

However, Tessa’s unexpected pregnancy is not just about the shock and the emotional rollercoaster that follows. It also serves to underline one of the central themes of the After series – life is unpredictable and full of surprises.

Just when Tessa thought she had lost all hope of having a child, life surprised her with the possibility of motherhood, offering her a new perspective and a renewed sense of hope for her future.

Will Tessa and Hardin Have a Baby?

Following Tessa’s shocking pregnancy revelation, the question looming over the audience is whether Tessa and Hardin will have a baby. Despite her initial devastation over the diagnosis, the prospect of motherhood brings about a shift in Tessa’s perspective.

While the couple’s relationship has been fraught with issues, the possibility of a baby adds another layer of complexity. Tessa’s doctor reassures her that there are other ways for her to become a mother, such as adoption or surrogacy, adding further intrigue to the plot.

Do Hardin and Tessa Get Back to Their Relationship?

In the wake of Tessa’s pregnancy, the question of whether Hardin and Tessa can mend their fractured relationship also hangs in the balance.

While Hardin initially struggles to support Tessa through her emotional ordeal, his gradual realization of the gravity of the situation indicates a potential for reconciliation. However, given their tumultuous history and Hardin’s prior insistence on not wanting children, the path to reconciliation is fraught with uncertainty.

Will After Part 5 Get Renewed?

The After series has seen immense success over the course of its four installments, leading to speculations about a possible fifth part. With the cliffhanger ending of After Ever Happy, audiences are left eagerly anticipating the continuation of Tessa and Hardin’s narrative.

As they navigate their newly complicated reality, the potential for further exploration of their relationship in a fifth part is significant.


In the deeply enthralling world of the After series, Tessa’s unexpected pregnancy in After Ever Happy has led to a surge of interest and speculation among viewers.

With the futures of Tessa, Hardin, and their potential child hanging in the balance, the anticipation for the continuation of their story is palpable.

Whether they will embrace parenthood, reconcile their differences, or whether a fifth installment will bring resolution to their tale are questions that have left audiences across the globe eagerly waiting.

The After series, with its rollercoaster narrative of young love, heartbreak, and unexpected surprises like Tessa’s pregnancy, continues to enthral, engage, and keep its viewers on the edge of their seats.

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