Italy will pay foreigners who decide to move and work from Tuscany and Lazio

Italy will pay foreigners who decide to move and work from Tuscany and Lazio
The main condition is that the applicants have an active job. Photo: AFP

Work at home or also known as Home office It has become a reality in different parts of the world, including Mexico. Also, some countries like Italy Offer to pay people who decide to move to their cities.

This is the case for Santa Fiora in Tuscany and Retti in Lazio, which will pay up to 50% of the rent. For whomever decides to move And long-term remote work.

What are the requirements for moving to Italy?

The main requirement is that applicants You have an active job. This must be submitted with your application form.

Once you find somewhere in town, You will need to send a rental voucher with contract details and your new address.

What are the benefits of moving to Italy?

Teleworkers who wish to relocate and rent a home in Santa Fiora Under the hot sun Receive up to 200 EUR ($ 240) or 50% of the total rent for long-term stay Between two and six months.

Local rents usually range from 300 EUR to 500 EUR per month, which means that Anyone who moves here can pay as little as 100 euros a month.

In the event that RietiAnd the Rents in the city range from 250 to 500 euros. Applicants should contact online rental agencies or platforms directly (eg;;

It is worth noting that So-called “smart business cities” are thriving. In Italy Local authorities are taking advantage of the possibility of developing high-speed internet and establishing equipped “laboratories” for remote workers.

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