Corpses of Covid victims float in the Ganges River, India

Corpses of Covid victims float in the Ganges River, India

New Delhi.

Dozens of corpses That you are supposed to be from Victims From Covid-19 Appeared on the shores Ganges River In the north IndiaAuthorities reported Monday.

The pandemic It quickly spread through the vastness Rural interior from India, Overflowing Health infrastructures Local as well Crematoriums s Cemeteries.

And local official Ashok Kumar said that about 40 bodies were found in Buxar district, near the border between Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, two of the poorest countries in India.

Kumar said the relevant officials had ordered all the bodies to be disposed of, either for burial or cremation.

And some information from the local media indicated that the number of bodies could reach one hundred.

Reports citing other officials indicate that some were partially swollen and burnt, and may have been in the river for several days.

Residents of the area indicated that they believed that the bodies would have been dumped in the river, given that crematoria are overflowing or because their relatives were unable to pay for the firewood needed for the burial crematoria.

Kameswar Pandey, who is a local resident, admitted.

According to official statistics, some 4 thousand people die every day Currently in India due to the Coronavirus, the total number of deaths will reach nearly 250,000.

But based on the evidence in the crematoria, many experts believe that the true daily figure could be several times higher.

This would be a consequence of the fact that the increase in the epidemic has now spread outside the major cities to rural areas, where there are very few hospitals and it is a distant habit, as well as a severe lack of registration of deaths.


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