It’s now official: Miguel Ángel Borja remains in the Junior category for 2021


After many days without official news, Junior spoke officially on social networks and confirmed that Miguel Ángel Borja will remain at the club for 2021. Tiburon’s team has finally finished working with Palmeiras and remains the top scorer in another semester in Barranquilla.

Through a video, Junior finally joined the clamor of people and confirmed that Borja is staying at the club. After long negotiations, Palmeiras extended his junior loan from Cordoba for another 6 months.

In addition to Junior, another person who finally managed to release the long-awaited news on his social networks was the mayor of Barranquilla and the son of Junior’s largest shareholder, Alejandro Char. He was the one who predicted a few weeks ago that Miguel Borja would stay at El Tiburon, but preferred to erase the information because the work was not finished.

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