Jehovah’s Witnesses. A woman cries when she remembers her ex

Jehovah’s Witnesses.  A woman cries when she remembers her ex

The Spanish woman has been identified on social networks as Soris Narez moved in networks SouthwestCials when talking about their experience in a group of Jehovah’s WitnessesAnd Religion that tells it is difficult to leave and reach Separate its members from their environment.

In a viral affidavit, he revealed that all his life, until he was 25, he was part of Jehovah’s Witnesses, which is complicated Because of the so-called expulsion, once they disband from your organization.

Expulsion means that no one around you, not even your family, can speak to you againhe explains.I will be giving a speaking engagement to all the people who have suffered in this organizationhe adds.

It is very hard to remember the day they made the announcement in the congregation saying “Soraya has stopped being a Jehovah’s Witness” and knowing that no one around you would be able to talk to you and knowing that you would lose your connection with your character. So we can now say that it is voluntary“.

As he explains, already in tears, it took him time to talk about the subject and he does so now that he has his life and his freedom back; but, And he confirms that this matter cost him a lot of work.

According to the complaint, there are leaders of Jehovah’s Witnesses who He asserts that they have changed the version of events presented to the audienceThat is why he decided to raise his voice at this time.

I also sent a message to those in the same situation: “Tell them the world is not as bad as they are led to believe, there are very good people out there and people who will help themIn this sense, she encouraged people in these circumstances to contact her.

I will look for ways to be in touch with you and be able to unite because there are things that need to be communicated and I think if we unite we will be able to do that.“.

On the other hand, he calledOr for this to stigmatize members of the religion who are in the streetBecause it ensures that they are good people who believe they are doing the right thing.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses you see on the street are good people, and they think they’re doing a good job but they don’t realize they’re being used by the organization“, It is clear.


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