JTF-Bravo deploys medical capabilities in Central America

JTF-Bravo deploys medical capabilities in Central America

Joint Task Force-Bravo (JTF-Bravo), a sub-component of US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), deployed its military medical capabilities to Costa Rica, Guatemala and Honduras, in April 2022, to strengthen health services in high-risk or low-risk areas. -Revenues.

On April 27-28, surgeons from JTF-Bravo and the SOUTHCOM Civil Affairs team, who are part of Global Health Engagement (GHE), conducted a Medical Readiness Training (MEDRETE) exercise to benefit neighbors from Aguacatán Municipality, Huehuetenango Department, Guatemala. “The goal of MEDRETE was to improve the health of at least 500 people through medical consultations, preventive medicine, dentistry and pharmacy services,” the US Embassy in Guatemala posted.

“The Southern Command’s medical days in Huehuetenango are examples of the American spirit of service to bring hope to remote communities,” said US Ambassador to Guatemala William Pope. The Guatemalan Army worked with US military doctors through the 5th Infantry Brigade, Marshall Gregorio Solaris.

“GHEs focus on providing primary medicine, including health checks and deworming, dental care in acute infections, and extractions,” he said. a dialogue US Army Lt. Nancy Bloom, JTF-Bravo medical mission planner. “In addition, they have a strong educational component, in both preventive medicine and dental health.”

On April 22, JTF-Bravo confirmed that military physicians had developed another MEDRETE in Drake Bay, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica, providing 22 specialists with general and preventive medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, laboratory, vaccines, examinations, and women’s health services.

The US Embassy in Costa Rica stated that “the exercise highlights the opening of a new Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) health clinic in Drake Bay.” He added that specialists from the two countries treated more than 379 people.

The impact on the health of the population is significant. They have preventive medicine talks. Dental Services Dr. Roman Makaya Hayes, CEO of CCSS, said on the official website: . “It is a very important task that allows us to solve many health problems, identify cases and prescribe medicines in the area.”

This exercise was supported by members of the U.S. Embassy’s Office of Defense Representative (ODR), including U.S. Coast Guard Commander Lawrence W. Tenstman, Chief of ODR, who provided administrative and translation services to facilitate medical care for patients.

“We are partnering with the host country and NGOs to contribute to immunizations, basic laboratory services, women’s health, behavioral health, optometry and other medical initiatives,” the lieutenant said. Bloom. “GHEs allow US forces to engage with host countries to exchange specialized military experts, and to coordinate with government entities, including the Department of Health, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Agriculture,” among other things.

At another MEDRETE, JTF-Bravo paramedics treated patients at a rehabilitation center known as CRIC, in Comayagua, Honduras, on April 6. Teams made up of physiotherapists, physicians, neuropsychologists and interpreters from Soto Kano Air Base visit CRIC three times a month to provide medical services to the local community.

JTF-Bravo Medical Elements has been performing GHEs in Honduras since October 1993. Since then, they have performed more than 300 missions and treated more than 326,000 medical and 70,000 dental patients across the country.

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