Julio Scherer Ibarra withdraws his complaint against Alejandro Gertz Manero

Julio Scherer Ibarra withdraws his complaint against Alejandro Gertz Manero

Julio Shearer Ibarra, former legal advisor to the Presidency of the Republic, has removed the complaint he had filed against the Attorney General of the Republic, Alejandro Gertz Manero, for crimes of influence, the alliance of public officials and criminal associations, according to information Reformation.

information, according to Reformationconfirmed by the federal authorities, who made it clear that the former official did not provide further details to justify the lack of interest in the complaint.

“It is not in their interest to continue the complaint filed on April 22 against the head of the FGR union,” the newspaper said.

The complaint was submitted to the Specialized Anti-Corruption Public Prosecutor (FECC) for the alleged crimes Abuse of influence and the alliance of public officials and criminal associations.

The complaint was also directed against Juan Ramos López, the Attorney General for Supervision of Jurisdictions and Gertz’s right-hand man; Adriana Campos-López, the public prosecutor specializing in internal affairs, and the investigating prosecutor, Maria Eugenia Castañone Osorio.

Julio Shearer vs. Geertz

At the time, the former advisor argued that the aforementioned officials used their power to make the FGR a public device for retaliation.

“Using the most powerful that the state can possess, which is the punitive power of said institution to be able to satisfy said vengeance.”

Shearer blames Geertz for illegally using the attorney general’s office to take an alleged series of legal actions for purely personal reasons. He describes him, literally, as “a suitably biased, eminently vengeful, and poisoned man”.

He warns that because of personal differences, and specifically because of his unwillingness to help him negotiate a positive court solution in the case of Laura Moran and Alejandra Cuevas, the prosecutor committed a criminal offense against him.

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