La Nacion / Academic and cultural exchange opportunities from India stand out for our country

La Nacion / Academic and cultural exchange opportunities from India stand out for our country

By Macarena Duarte

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According to the Permanent Ambassador of India to our country, Yogeshwar Sangwan, the bilateral relationship existing between India and Paraguay has, over the past 61 years, been strengthened in various ways, two of which are through academic support and cultural development. The Asian country contributes to our nation. The most recent observable contribution was the visit of seven Paraguayan scholars to India.

“With regard to the exchange, we are in contact with the National University of Itapua (UNI), the National University of Asuncion (UNA) and the University of Del Norte (Uninorte) to develop cooperation with the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, which is listed as the best institute of technology in India and the world, as well as the University of Delhi,” he declared. The ambassador in an interview with La Nación / Nación Media.

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In this sense, he highlighted the great interest on the part of the authorities themselves to generate an academic and cultural link between India and our country. He declared that the mentioned Indian universities are working with the aim of giving a differentiated contribution to the preparation of Paraguayan students.

The envoy from the Asian country emphasized that “the University of Delhi is now ready to offer a semester for university students, and we are working on this and other possibilities for young Paraguayans who, soon, will jointly explore this academic alliance.”

Within all the willingness to support the various factors that can be developed in our country with the help of India, the cultural contribution is one of the main things that we do not want to leave aside either.

Along these lines, Ambassador Sanjuan noted that a sample of the responsibility entrusted to cultural exchange has recently been developed with the observance of the International Day of Yoga at the Jesuit Santísima Trinidad del Paraná and at Saltos del Monday. This was promoted between the Embassy of India, with the support of the National Secretary for Tourism (Senator), the Municipality of Encarnacion and the Holistic Syria Centre.

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All possible information about this evolving cultural alliance is disclosed on our social networks so that people can learn about, absorb and participate in our events. The ambassador stressed that we want Paraguay to benefit extensively from all of our cultural programmes.

Thus, he announced that they would also carry out the development of Indian language classes, for a period of three months, so that Paraguay would know a little more about the language and the culture that surrounds it, which also contributes to the positioning of the cultural bipolarity between the two countries.

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