Kelsey Stewart’s home run beat USA over Japan and remains undefeated in Olympic softball


Yokohama, Japan – Kelsey Stewart hosted the seventh inning and ends with a comeback giving the United States a 2-1 victory over Japan on Monday night in the Olympic softball group stage and the right to close the inning. The golden medal.

America was low on the board for Valerie Arriotto’s RBI song in Episode VI.

Stewart scored the United States’ first home hit at the Olympics, a blow that barely passed the glove of right-hander Yuka Ichiguchi and sent the American players rushing toward the diamond to celebrate their second consecutive victory in the final.

Monica Abbott (3-0) worked in the seventh game for her comfortable third appearance, adding to her two wins as a rookie. The left-hander is the likely starter for the gold medal match on Tuesday, the day before his 36th birthday.

The Americans tried to recover from their 3-1 loss to Japan in the 2008 Olympics final, and finished the group stage with a score of 5-0, while Japan was 4-1.

Yamato Fujita (0-1), a 30-year-old right-winger, has only made one appearance in the tournament, the last two being in the 5-0 win over Italy on Saturday. He allowed four hitters, hit four, walked three and hit two hitters, and worked on not hitting until Hayley McClane led the sixth inning on his own.

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