Ken Salazar protests US ambassador to Mexico

Ken Salazar protests US ambassador to Mexico

This is Democratic Thursday Ken Salazar protest as the first US Ambassador to Mexico during management Joe Biden.

In a message on their social networks, the US diplomat announced that the Colorado citizen had protested his assumption of office within two weeks of its approval by the Senate.

“Present day, Kenneth Salazar, who was appointed by President Biden and confirmed by the US Senate as US ambassador to Mexico, made an administrative oath to the post. Congratulations! ”, reads the publication of the American mission.

He also stated that the current ambassador had made the first contact with his Mexican counterpart , Esteban MoctezumaAfter you take your oath.

As mentioned, they both talked about the close relationship between the two countries and agreed to hold a meeting “soon” in Washington DC

Salazar, who has also served as interior minister, will have an often strained relationship with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who has forged an unlikely alliance with Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump, a vocal critic of immigration.

At his hearing, Salazar said he would work with Mexico to “secure” a “common border and establish an orderly, safe and humane framework for immigration,” a major political issue in the United States.

Salazar will take over the embassy instead of Christopher Landau, who was appointed by Donald Trump in 2019 and left office last January when Biden took office.

Joe Biden announced on June 15 the nomination of Ken Salazar, a former US senator and former Secretary of the Interior, of Mexican descent and native language of Spanish, as ambassador to Mexico.

“I think it’s a very good designation by the US government,” said the Mexican ambassador to the United States, Esteban Moctezuma, at the time.

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