Kristen Wiig remembers her favorite things in her 2020 remix of ‘Sound Of Music’ – Deadline


Saturday Night Live The graduate Kristen Wiig She returned to the iconic stage and opened the show with her quirky musical reflections.

Wiig, who stars alongside Gal Gadot in the movie Warner Bro Wonder Woman 1984The final match has begun SNL Episode of 2020 with the indication that out of all the craze for the year, it’s nice to hook up with something familiar.

She said, “I consider this home and it’s nice to be at home for the holidays.”

Although 2020 was bizarre, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic turning most things upside down, the actress said she could find joy in the twins she gave birth to this year and her favorites – noteworthy. sound of Music National anthem. From jackets on ponies to bagels in Bologna, Wiig has listed an odd array of favorites.

She continues jotting her bizarre favorite things until she is interrupted by Maya Rudolph, who has just finished appearing as Vice President electing Kamala Harris in the cold opening. Wig Bridesmaids The co-star called out her incorrect words and offered to correct them, only to add her own weird touch to the number.

Once again, the SNL The graduate duo is interrupted when Kate McKinnon calls them due to their solo remixes. The comedian, who also appeared outdoors as Rudy Giuliani, continued to recite the lyrics correctly to the famous songs. But to no avail, Wiig explains that there’s a point to singing out the crazy list of favorites – namely, that these items should be just as weird as 2020.

The three actresses sang to conclude the number, “Goodbye 2020, you really smelled bad.”

The Bless Hearts Ghost Busters The comedian is joined by a musical guest Dua Lipa.

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