La Jornada – Evo Morales has been disqualified from running for president in 2025

La Jornada – Evo Morales has been disqualified from running for president in 2025

peace. Bolivia's Constitutional Court has disqualified former President Evo Morales from running for president in 2025 after overturning an indefinite re-election number that had allowed the indigenous leader to re-run in 2019.

“Indefinite restrictions on the possibility of renomination are an ideal measure to ensure that a person does not remain in power,” said the 82-page ruling, which was published Saturday on the court’s website.

This decision overturns another decision adopted by this same court in 2017, the highest ranked in the constitutional consultations, which considered re-election a “human right.”

The new sentence is not subject to appeal.

Morales described the decision as “political.”

The former leftist president wrote on the

The Supreme Court's decision stipulates that the president and vice president may not hold office more than twice, continuously or intermittently.

Morales expressed his desire to run in the 2025 presidential elections amid verbal altercations with Luis Arce, the current president who has been his political ally and economy minister for almost his entire term since 2006.

For constitutional lawyer María Rene Soroco, of San Pablo Catholic University, “if re-election had been allowed in the past, it would have violated the Constitution itself.”

“It's a late ruling,” Soroko added. “It's not about Evo Morales, it's about defending the rule of law.”

The Bolivian TCP decision is based on a review of the standards of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, which excludes re-election as a human right.

In 2021, this international advisory body issued an advisory opinion, at the request of the Colombian government, on indefinite re-election.

Evo Morales resigned from the presidency in 2019 amid social unrest with accusations of election fraud. After leaving the country, Jeanine Anez took office, and today she faces trials and sentences for the alleged coup.

“TCP puts an end to Evo Morales's delirium of re-election once and for all,” Anez wrote in X.

In the same vein, opposition leader Carlos Mesa noted that “Evo Morales and (then Vice President Alvaro) García Linera violated the Constitution (…) in collusion with the Revolutionary Communist Party.”

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