Today is day 123123: a good or bad omen for the new year?

Today is day 123123: a good or bad omen for the new year?

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This end of the year has a peculiarity that makes even the most skeptical people wonder whether this is a good or bad omen. And today specifically we are in Date 123123a strange numbers game that has meaning for many.

This event is unique, and did you know that this history will be repeated again after many years? Here we tell you more about it.

Although for us this day will be read as 12/31/23, In other countries such as United State In some regions belonging to Europe and Asia the format of month, day and year is used, which results in the ordering of numbers 123123.

What does the date 123123 mean?

First, we want to tell you that the last time this happened was in 1923, and the next time we will see this set of numbers will be in 2123.

On the one hand, the number 123 is an angel number, according to the Anahana portal, and is considered a “global leader in mental health and well-being education.”

“Angel number 123 is a positive number that means forward movement, gradual growth and positive change,” highlights Anahana.

He emphasizes that this number carries the message of new beginnings, and encourages you to leave your comfort zone and strive to achieve your dreams. “It is a number that indicates that you are on the right track and that you need to keep moving forward to achieve your goals.”

On the other hand, numerology explains the meaning of each number as follows:

No. 1: New beginnings, leadership, authenticity, potential, opportunity and independence.
Number 2: Adaptability, union, duality and choice.
Number 3: Self-expression, communication, meeting, expansion and communication.

Therefore, when analyzing these numbers together, specialists on this subject confirm that the new year symbolizes a new beginning. In addition, the first day of the year 2024 will be a Monday and the last day of the year 2023 will fall on a Sunday, so they represent a day End of course Perfect for starting new goals and purposes.

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