La Nacion / Padel, close to the World Cup dream

La Nacion / Padel, close to the World Cup dream

Paraguay’s padel teams are close to realizing their dream of participating in the World Cup once again, this time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from October 31 to November 5. The men’s and women’s teams consist of 8 players and 4 players. The coaches, i.e. two captains for women and two for men. Although the National Sports Trust (SND) supported the costly operation with a sum of money, it was not enough to cover all tickets, which are around $1,200 per person.

“Organizing the World Cup is responsible for hotel accommodations and meals, but the case was to cover the cost of tickets, approximately $1,200 per person. The women’s team, as it has been operating since last year, conducted a lottery with the help of each player’s sponsors to raise funds and cover the missing tickets Every one has coaches.” Player and player in the World Cup with Paraguay in Qatar 2021. Draw today at a cost of 50,000 EGP. With five paddles as prizes.

“This weekend there was also a useful tournament in Asuncion. I wasn’t selected out of the eight, I was disqualified after that, but I am accompanying the girls to the draw as a team,” Madelear said. In the last World Cup in Qatar, Paraguay finished sixth in men and tenth in women, so I qualified directly for this edition.

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