Latin America, at risk of falling behind in science and technology: Ebrard

Latin America and the Caribbean seeking to restore Leadership in matters Scientific and technological patents That is why they participated in Science and Technology in Society (STS) Forum.

“If in Latin America we cannot develop an adequate scientific base and networks to develop vaccines or treatments, for example, against COVID or other risks in the future, we will be left behind. We will not have the technology that others are developing at the same time.”

Marcelo Ebrard, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico

he Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Explain that it is The most important event in recent years in this fieldBecause “the highest priority in the program that (the heads of state of all the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean) agreed at the meeting was science and technology, for the first time in history, before the pandemic”.

I realize that number Patents have been significantly reduced In the region and therefore the urgent need to resume Promote science and technology.

“It was approved because of an idea or a question, and that is why in our region we are seeing a decrease in the number of patents and technological developments? This is a very, very serious issue.”

Marcelo Ebrard, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico

Remember that because pandemicLast year, this forum was held virtually, so the first face-to-face meeting is the one. Cancun Quintana Roo.

Marcelo Ebrard appreciates the governor’s motive, Mara Lizamathe only representative present at the meeting, where they attend Entrepreneurs looking to fund new projects.

“Well, today it is a forum in person in the presence of very important people, who are with us today. Thank you all, because they all represent an area, scientific innovation or companies that promote innovation. That is why we invited Carlos Slim and other entrepreneurs and startups who are among us today “

Marcelo Ebrard, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico

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