Season 3 of the Sci-Fi series proves that Star Wars apparel has made it to TV, too

Season 3 of the Sci-Fi series proves that Star Wars apparel has made it to TV, too

From the Star Wars series to surpass only “Endor”.

Universe star Wars It hit theaters with the disappointing release of Han Solo: A Star Wars Story Lucasfilm They’re still trying to find the key to rebooting the franchise on the big screen. Of course, we’ve seen many TV series since then, and we all thought “The Mandalorian” was the star’s title, but at least for the time being it’s not.

surpassed by (almost) everyone

from detour Reveal that the premiere of season 3 starring the series Peter Pascal It yielded very disappointing audience data, to the point where the premiere episode was no more watched in the US than “The Book of Boba Fett”, with 1.6 million viewers, 2% less.

The comparison is more disturbing If this was done with “Obi-Wan Kenobi”, then the decrease compared to the first episode was 28%. And if we extend the comparison to Marvel, that’s 35% less than Chapter 1’s “Loki.” All this is according to data collected by SambaTv.

Where “The Mandalorian” Season 3 wins in comparison to “Andor” is the best 50%. In this aspect, yes, we can talk about an improvement, but the truth is that the great series is starring Diego Luna It was overlooked by many viewers, and miraculously it will finally have a second season to wrap up the story. And “The Mandalorian” needed more than that, plus audience reactions were also somewhat tepid…

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