The overwhelming realism is the great feature of this series, and it is one of the first sci-fi successes of the year

Something sneaky has arrived, but it didn’t take long to catch fans’ attention thanks to its intriguing realism, which leaves the show aside to focus on a story with environmental overtones that we have (or could have) around the corner. it comes toThe fifth day‘, which You can see in Movistar Plus + It is based on Frank Schatzing’s 2004 book.

In six episodes, it will be released every Monday on the platform, according to the series The birth of a mysterious organism in the oceans of the planet, and its tendency to attack humans Through never-before-seen tactics: bottom ice worms cause explosions that destroy ships, whales stop being peaceful giants, and some seafood develops toxicity. A true rebellion of nature led by a hostile and never-before-seen organism.

According to the creators of the series, to implement it, they had advice from a marine biologist, who guide them So they can portray a product that has as much credibility as possible. It was he who highlighted, firstly, that “about a million species of unknown animals still live in the oceans” and secondly, that “there is no inhabitant of the oceans who would not want to expel humanity from the planet.”

Change the work of a tense atmosphere of suspense, so the “fifth day” adds to trend (of which “The Last of Us” is also a participant Ophiocordyceps is one-sided) One of the stories of the end of the world based on scientific facts. This is not the case at present, although the acceptance of this type of soap opera (the premiere of “El quinto día” in the German ZDF had an audience of nearly seven million viewers) shows that there is a marked public interest in the belief in the world. end.

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