Let’s not forget the science

Let’s not forget the science

We’ve always talked about her less than she deserves. We ignored him, despised him, questioned him until necessity pressed us. We pressured it to give us the desired results, it cut back when it was in our best interest, and it cornered when it all passed. Science is like that friend who sees little but knows he will be there when you need her. It doesn’t matter how much time passes. He will pick up the phone and answer you.

It has created an epidemic between us and science and made us aware of the work of scientists. The laboratories opened wide and we entered them. Without complexes and with curiosity. We’ve made an effort to understand his explanations, complex as they are, and we’ve been curious to know all about the coronavirus. Stages, variants, composition, forms of infection … All the information seemed to us scarce, we needed to know more. We claim their role, support investment in research, and are thrilled that they have discovered a vaccine. Now who remembers so much effort? Little, with the appearance of monkeypox.

Everything became instant and short term. To use and dispose of. Pick it up, use it, and leave it. We get what we need when we need it and give it up when it no longer serves us. Until next time. It happened with Covid but it really happened with mad cow disease. We seek quick answers to complex questions.

The global health emergency that hit us in 2020 and continues to keep us dazed by the promised changes. It made us rethink a lot of things, including funding some areas we hadn’t paid enough attention to until then. We salute, praise and demand more resources for health. We’ve seen the importance of investing in science and realize that successful results are not instantaneous. This is a distance race, not a sprint race, for which you have to prepare for years.

A flag should not be a fad or a political slogan at a point in time. Research throughout history has shown that without it there would be no progress and that it is the basis of any social construction. Taking care of those who monitor our health and improve their working conditions, who are often not worthy of the work they do, should be a priority for any government. Some have taken it into account when planning budgets this year. Let’s pay more attention to that friend, that the call is no longer a conference.

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