Lobster sale started in dollars by fishing company Cienfuegos


Crab is an expensive product for Cubans, despite it being an island surrounded by the sea. (Photo: Cuban newspaper)

Cienfuegos Industrial Fishing (Epicien) has begun selling lobster and other seafood in stores in convertible currency (MLC), and its base currency is the dollar, according to the official newspaper. Granma.

The trade in these high-value marine species is in line with the “economic transformations set by the task of arranging the socialist business sector” and aims to “stimulate the entry of foreign exchange into the country’s economy with the money of Cubans living in the country. Exile, the only ones who have the purchasing power to buy these products and make them reach their families.” And their friends are on the island.

The official press justifies this action because the economic and commercial embargo imposed by the United States government on Cuba does not allow the communist state to access foreign currencies and international credit.

In addition to lobster, for sale in dollars, Epicien offers wheels, fillets and whole fish from a variety of marine species. On the other hand, fish is also marketed in the form of hamburger and mint, and is ready to fry, according to marketing.

Yansyslay Hernández Valdés, Director of Epicien, told the press that customers who buy on government-supported web portals can choose to have their orders received at home.

“To facilitate marketing and avoid both inconvenience and leaving from their homes to customers in the midst of COVID-19, delivery of the purchased products is planned, in addition to the incorporation of other proposals, in which the overall quality of service will always prevail,” via Hernandez Valdes.

Dedicated to capturing, cultivating, manufacturing and marketing pallet types and aquaculture, as well as products of private commercial fishing, together with offers in the national currency of formations for the population, Epicen contributes foreign exchange to the national economy obtained from the export of shrimp (tail and whole), whole eviscerated fish Swimming bladder, and a shark fin.

The air bladder is a floating organ that many bony fish have. It is a flexible, fenced, gas-filled sac that is located in the IUD, just below the spine. The air bladder controls the fish’s buoyancy in neutral water, without the need for muscular effort.

In Asia, the consumption of this product is high, mainly in Hong Kong, the largest commercial center for dry swimming pool in the world, in addition to Bangladesh, mainland China and Vietnam, it uses these products for export, and plays a dominant role in the supply of them.

Other countries exporting bladder, mainly dry, are Brazil, India, Tanzania, Uganda, Thailand, Indonesia, Kenya and Singapore. The bags for consumption or export come from corvinas and are offered primarily in the form of dry products, reaching the highest prices (between $ 101 to $ 127 each) due to their large size, nutritional properties, and traditional medicinal benefits attributed to them, such as prevention. Bleeding in patients with urinary tract problems.

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