Manuel Huerta announces the opening of medical and nursing jobs in universities

Manuel Huerta announces the opening of medical and nursing jobs in universities

Federal delegate of the Ministry of Welfare in VeracruzAnd the Manuel Huerta, Guevara’s thiefand pointed out that in Wellness Universities Missing, medical and nursing jobs will be sought with the aim of covering the shortage of these professionals in the country.

He noted that 100,000 doctors are needed in this field and that is why today they have to turn to foreign professionals, such as the seven Cuban specialists who arrived in Chicontepec to work at IMSS Welfare there.

“We will produce it and bring it from wherever they need it for this program of doctors and medicine. At the moment, several municipalities have already applied, the municipalities of Exoatlan and Cosumatepec, but recently Tierra Blanca, Zongolica and Extacozuquitlan have already applied for land to build Benito Juárez University there.”

Huerta Ladrón de Guevara indicated that corresponding procedures are already being implemented to start thus giving spaces to young people who wish to pursue vocational education.

He added that other municipalities in other parts of the entity have also offered land for the construction of Benito Juárez Universities, such as Coyutla, in the Babantla region, and Tehuatlan, to name a few.

It is noteworthy that during the opening ceremony of the Banco Bianstar branch in Rio Blanco, the federal delegate reminded the citizens present that in the Benito Juárez universities built in Zongolica and Extacozuquitlan, you will notice jobs in nursing and medicine. .

He noted that 55 universities have not yet been built and will have to be one of the professions that the country lacks today.

He added that the person in Rio Blanco is lagging behind, but he has already called on Mayor Ricardo Perez to take care of this matter and make it happen.

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