UCO’s ‘Science of Thrones’ program has been selected as one of the three most creative outreach activities in Spain

UCO’s ‘Science of Thrones’ program has been selected as one of the three most creative outreach activities in Spain

‘Science of Thrones’, the publishing project that distributes theses in public toilets in the city of Córdoba, has been selected as one of the three most innovative projects implemented by the scientific culture units of Spanish universities and research centers. The elections were held by 120 science communication technicians who participated in the “Comcired” 2022 conference, the conference that annually brings together professionals from the UCCs, coordinated by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT).

Specifically, ‘Science of Thrones’ was the third most valuable project behind Initiatives.science castles“, analyzed by the University of Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona, the tradition of the Catalan horoscopes of various disciplines, and”I am a scientist, I live in your neighborhood”, with which the University of Zaragoza conveyed the image and life of its researchers to the streets of the capital of Aragon. The three initiatives were selected from a total of 33 publication procedures previously selected by FECYT among all those proposed by the Scientific Culture Units.

“Science of Thrones” is part of “Secret Science”, a program in which various measures are carried out to promote scientific culture in places where the routines of citizens take place. In this vein, graffiti was painted on figures from the world of science in cities, the distribution of bags with scientific research in the markets of Cordoba or impromptu conversations in the city squares.

Specifically, in “Science of Thrones” infographics with informative content were placed in the bathrooms of 10 hotel establishments in the city. Infographics deal with informative messages on recycling projects, on epigenetics and cancer, Epics, which study pollutants emerging in coastal regions, Diverfarming, which investigate crop diversity in Europe, Hamlet, which applies artificial intelligence to develop environmental and health problems, Bioretri, which pursues a new ecological production strategy, and finally Ager Mellariensis, focused on the archaeological, fauna and flora heritage of the ancient Roman city of Mellaria.

The initiative is also inspired by the ‘Game of Thrones’ series, in a way that each graphic evokes aesthetics and represents one of the great houses of Westeros, one of the continents created by George R.R.

See the various charts and their locations on .’s website “The Science of Thrones”.

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