Mar del Plata’s book combines yoga and science «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata’s book combines yoga and science «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

María Magdalena Vázquez, CONICET Postdoctoral FellowAnd the He works at the Institute of Production, Health and Environment Research (IIPROSAM, CONICET-UNMDP) He runs the Yoga and Science Project. As part of this initiative, Vasquez focused information on “The Secret World of Seeds.”A book for the children’s community.

Work can be experienced at the 8th Mar del Plata Puerto de Lectura Children’s Book Fair, with workshops that integrate yoga, pedagogy and science.

Vasquez explains: “Yoga con sensia is a tool to bring science closer to children through play. These are science workshops aimed at an audience of three to five years old within a yoga class.” The book contains botanical information and illustrations on seeds, structure, function, forms of dispersal and germination, and was illustrated by Paula Alonso.

The “Yoga with Science” project seeks to disseminate scientific knowledge at the initial level, saving the knowledge of boys and girls and making them suitable scientific knowledge. For their part, the workshops are a space to connect science with positive emotions and stimulate scientific advocacy By connecting with laboratory materials, curiosity and creativity while striving to dismantle scientific stereotypes.

“From yoga we use methodologies and techniques of the game, body movements, concentration, breathing and attention. From pedagogy, we use tools to organize workshops in time and space. From the point of view of science we do activities of experimentation, observation and exploration through the use of different materials related to the world of plants and bees “Biology details. He adds that “The Secret World of the Seed” is a key informative tool in yoga and science workshops, “It is an educational resource for personalizing scientific knowledge for children.”

The project that combines the practice of yoga and biology is carried out by A An interdisciplinary group comprising CONICET members, students, professionals from the University of Mar del Plata, and elementary level teachers. “They were essential to the success of each workshop. Together we combine different tools and perspectives to get the best result: fun and engaging workshops,” explains Vasquez.

“These activities respond toIt is the right and need of all people to have access to science and technology throughout life”, notes Vazquez. He adds that in societies characterized by strong inequalities, as in Argentina, it becomes necessary to think of pedagogy in terms of relationships, promoting a more equitable and equitable social distribution of the scientific-cultural heritage.

The workshops foster the creativity and imagination of the children who join them as well as the adults who have participated since then The workshop itself constitutes an artistic expression that seeks to humanize the science and the scientific side, and to develop the creative, curious and loving side. “As adults, we connect with boys and girls’ gaze by observing different processes and phenomena and designing and implementing workshop activities. It invites us to change our perspective, which will certainly provide us with new nuances in our lives. That is why we hope that sharing this experience in the project will motivate those who, like us, They seek to create new resources to contribute to childhood learning processes,” concludes Magdalena Vazquez.

Integration of Yoga with Science: Azurin Malina, Igarza Laurea Lucia, Mina Carolina, Mozilla Valentina, Cascalares Milagros, Florence Annabelle Tables, Gindy Lisel, Natalia Fernandez, Tezzi Eleonor, Nuccione Macarena, Alonso Paula Gabriela, Contreras Roques, Maria Claudiez.

Book review and publication co-authors: Maria Cristina Lombardo, Ana Cecilia Martinez Tosto, Estefania Milani, Marcelo Guglielmo, Luciano Alem and Andrea Di Pace. Since 2019, the team has been building the project with Roberto Baggi, Mario Zayat, Florencia Matosevic, Gabriel Ramita, Marisol Vasolari and Pelin Baldo.

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