External and internal factors prevent the application for admission to medicine and law: UATx

External and internal factors prevent the application for admission to medicine and law: UATx

External and internal factors inhibiting the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala (UATx) said university president Luis Armando Gonzalez Placencia, who added that the remaining 40 degrees were fully covered.

“Our refusal rate has decreased significantly, and in practice we have only in medicine and perhaps in law, if I’m not mistaken, which are the most in-demand professions, but in almost all other professions, they can do it.”

In the case of a medical surgeon’s degree taught at the Faculty of Health Sciences located in the municipality of Ayumetla, he explained that one of the obstacles to meeting the growing demand of applicants It is the lack of sufficient hospitals in the entity to carry out its clinical fields, which is a prerequisite before discharge.

“In medicine, in particular, we have a huge demand and we have an obstacle, because for young people to finish their careers, they need to enter the so-called clinical areas, the spaces where they will actually perform their practice, in hospitals.”

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He indicated that a few days ago he signed an agreement with Governor Lorena Cuellar Cisneros to expand the clinical areas in the entity, “but it is still not enough, we need more; in fact, from the last generation of 200 graduates, we are still having difficulties locating them.” completely.”

Given this, he did not rule out the possibility of resorting to private hospitals, but noted that “the country is small and there are not many hospitals, in addition, not everyone can go to other places, where there are spaces but it is difficult to move them. It depends on that we can reach 100 percent coverage.

Regarding the degree of law, Gonzalez Placencia explained that the main obstacle here is the large number of applicants and students already registered, because “the groups are very large, in some cases more than 100 students, and the fact is that it affects the conditions” of dignity so that young people can be during studying semesters “.

In this case, he raised the possibility of taking advantage of virtual spaces to meet demand, “but we need teachers.”

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“To meet 100 percent of the demand, two things are needed, physical space and teachers, and that, quite simply, we had a lot of jobs in almost all the other jobs, there was a share and it was there and in that students become interested in these professions, they can enter without further Complications. The problem lies in those in which we have external obstacles or facilities and the number of teachers does not give us.”

In the upcoming semester, which begins next August, he said, 3,500 new students are expected to enter 42 degrees.

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