The application of artificial intelligence in medicine. Sensors to monitor the “health” of aircraft

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Fernando Martin, an expert in digital health at the Carlos III Health Institute, is reviewing the applications that artificial intelligence should support health professionals. Peio Olaskoaga, a researcher at Ideko, presents a sensor project to monitor the age of aircraft materials.

Artificial intelligence considers the ability of a computer or robot to perform tasks generally associated with intelligent beings. They are procedures of wide application in tasks in which a machine performs a task with greater accuracy and efficiency than a human. In medicine, this technology is an aid to compare information, choose the most suitable for the patient, make more accurate diagnoses and make more accurate decisions. The Roche Foundation organized the ‘Artificial Intelligence in Health’ symposium and today we speak with one of the invited speakers: Dr. Fernando Martin, Professor of Digital Health Research at the National School of Health at the Carlos III Institute of Health.

The IDEKO Technology Center leads the European project INFINITE, which is focused on installing sensors to monitor the condition of aircraft materials for life. Thanks to these sensors, it will be possible to monitor the entire life cycle of aviation structures: from on-site supervision of their manufacture, through repair and service audits through monitoring their structural health, to the recycling of parts at the end of their life. life. Peio Olaskoaga is the INFINITE Project Coordinator and ADMP Officer at IDEKO.

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