“The climate crisis is here and we have to take action now”

“The climate crisis is here and we have to take action now”

Dr. Francis Colon, the first Latino to chair the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology, spoke on Wednesday of comments from Joe Biden, who, after noting that Congress had not acted to address the climate emergency, said he would use his executive power. to deal with the crisis.

In an interview with Rafael Ulloa for El Tiempo Latino, the world lent the president’s alert by saying: “We are in a climate crisis…not a future crisis, the crisis is here, it is now and we have to take the hand and take action now.”

What actions is the Biden administration proposing? director first International Climate Policy for Center for American Progress List some of the operational actions the Biden administration has planned to address climate change.

He emphasized that the president was forced to take these actions “after Congress failed in its task of passing laws to encourage climate action and clean energy investments, which is what we need to cut emissions.”

  • It will allocate a budget to build infrastructure that is more resistant to flooding and other effects of climate change.
  • And it will make an additional investment in offshore wind energy.

What are the benefits to the population? The scientist said that with these measures, families facing high energy bills will benefit, “especially in the face of this heat wave that threatens 100 million people in the country.”

  • He added that the high prices people are currently paying for energy “because we haven’t switched to clean energy yet and that’s what these ads imply”.

And what about Latinos? In the interview, Colon explained that climate change is also affecting Latinos, evidence of this being the effects of storms seen in South Florida, “where we have a large percentage of our Latino community.”

  • He added that these measures will provide more job opportunities for the Latino community in the United States.
  • “The jobs in wind and solar energy are the fastest growing in the country,” he said.

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