Marcelo Ebrard bets on Marina Vitella for Durango’s economy

Marcelo Ebrard bets on Marina Vitella for Durango’s economy

And he visited, Saturday, as part of a working tour to support candidates for the position of governor Marcelo Ebrard Who, as a fighter in Brown womanHe went to the city DurangoMeet the hardcore and the candidate Navi Philum.

There, Vitila Rodriguez highlighted Ebrard Casaubon, as an asset to Morena and someone who has successfully represented the country abroad.

In his speech, Marcelo Ebrard spoke about the importance of Durango’s participation in negotiating dialogues to put its municipalities on another level.

He explained that it is an opportunity for the entity to recover, because after 6 years at the end of the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto, this type of dialogue has not been resumed.

Thus, with the help of Marina Vitela Rodríguez, economic prosperity can be returned to the country.

Recalling that the President of the Republic Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Setting up a dialogue table with the United States in the Joe Biden administration. With this it is possible to analyze the investments that can reach the entity after the armed conflicts in Russia, as North American companies seek to re-install in other countries, and one of these companies seeks to be Mexico.

He said that Vitila Rodriguez raised her hand to be a part of these negotiations, which recognized her as a favorite and one of the strongest features in this competition for the arrival of the fourth transformation to the state, and who also requested it personally. Is performed Airport loading and unloading project with the United States, So that the economic explosion that the country desperately needs can be achieved.

Finally, the coalition candidate, Together We Make History, said that in recent weeks they have been able to conduct 180,000 surveys with a special design that allows them to know what Durango wants, what it needs for them to rule the country, and from there emerged campaign proposals, qualifying their promises as a citizen’s proposal.

Ebrard says everyone in Durango is forgotten

During his visit to La Laguna, Marcelo Ebrard, as a pro-Marina Vitella citizen, candidate for Governor of MorenaShe said He was invited to participate in a political rallyfor the National Renewal Movement.

He confirmed that he does not have any activity on Saturdays, in the secretariat that you representSubsequently Take the opportunity to accept the invitationto support the fourth transformation of the President of Mexico.

Ebrard arrived with Marina Vitela around 2:00 pm at the Poliforum at the Gómez Palacio Gallerywhere Morena’s supporters were waiting for them to hear the proposals of the Vitela campaign.

Marina thanked Mario Delgado, President of Morena’s National Executive Committeefor the great support you have given her since her selection as a candidate.

Vitila revealed to his sympathizers that he has all the powerIn Gomez Palacio, Durango Capital and the rest of the entity to defend the fourth transformation.

He pointed out that With Durango Masters, alliances are built to fight together for real change She added that for the first time, a woman from Beheira will assume the presidency of Durango Prefecture.

“I feel very proud to be from La Laguna and we women are going to change Durango, with Petsapi Martinez, running for Mayor Gomez Palacio, as well as Terry Gonzalez, running for mayor in Lerdo,” she said.

She thanked Mario Delgado for his patience with her, and also told her that she was not alone.

For his part, Mario Ebrard said: “In our hands is Durango’s fourth turn,” he said.

He told his supporters that Durango has always been ruled by the same people for life And this time in the hands of all supporters to change everything.

He affirmed that the women of Durango are forgotten, as are children, the old, and the weak, in themselves all forgotten, and pointed out how forgotten they are, and that there are a million people of Durango in the United States, whose citizens were to immigrate to that country, for lack of employment opportunities.


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