Marie Kondo puts you on “Kurashi” divan to open your mind (your house is less than it)

Marie Kondo puts you on “Kurashi” divan to open your mind (your house is less than it)

He says there are many Japanese words That he loves and that kurashi is one of them. With it, he named his new book, which is on sale in Spain January 12th: Kurashi method (Ed. Aguilar). from his predecessor Best seller It is already sold out Half a million copies in our country. But I’m not happy house arrangementAnd the Marie Kondo ready to appear arrange our lives From end to end this is it Kurashi methodTechnique Kondiana for be joyful This bases its effectiveness on focusing not on what we must give up, but on it What makes us happy. We Don’t Just Talk About Stuff, the author, recognized as one of the most influential people in the world by the magazine timedelves into “our way of living”, because it gave usWe wait until we go to sleep And try to focus on what compensates us.

Marie Kondo is sitting on the couch with her new book

Marie Kondo has commanded our homes with her book, The Magic of Order. Now he is publishing the “Kurashi Method” for arranging our lives.Aguilar editorial

But to focus on What makes you happy. What makes you happy? for new Marie KondoWellness coach is the key question. Applying this question to both our thoughts and our behaviors is the protagonist of the TV show Netflix to order with Marie Kondo!, is pounding the keys to transforming our environment and creating a life full of connection and free from limitations. Or so promises. “When you try to organize things in your mind and take the time to think, there is a lot of the same way you organize your home.”, He says. The author gets to that – and publishes a whole bunch of Tips and ideas, from cooking recipes to cleaning tricks.

Beautiful photos, pictures to organize yourself, recipes …

Marie Kondo in her new book "they

Marie Kondo in her new book, The Kurashi Method (Aguilar editorial).Aguilar editorial

The new book Marie Kondoa best-selling author System magicis also a beautiful visual guide that contains more than 100 photos With this light that characterizes them and this style minimalist and japanese How long does it take? Includes organizational charts, recipes for ts modeexercises yoga… That’s right, be prepared for Marie Kondo In wizard mode she arrived wanting to discover What’s stopping you And help you flow. we will see.

Kurashi method. Marie Kondo.

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