The traditional medicine event will be held in Acaxochitlán

The traditional medicine event will be held in Acaxochitlán

On December 18th in Acaxochitlan, a traditional medicine claim event will be held in the Otomi-Tepehua-Nahuatl region.

Agil Hernandez Islas, physician and workshop leader of the programme, commented that 100 traditional doctors from the municipalities of San Bartolo, Huehuetla and Acaxochitlan will participate, who will gather in the Acaxochitlan Municipal Hall starting at 10 am, where there will also be sales of natural products.

Juan Vargas Martínez, a traditional physician and project coordinator, stated that with this type of event, it aims to make the population aware of the treatment of diseases through herbs, massages and tamazcales, because sometimes they are mistaken for witches because of the clothes they wear or they are deceived as sorcerers.

Arturo Castellan Zacatenco, Minister of Tourism of the Municipality of Acaxochitlan, spoke of the importance of recognizing and respecting traditional medicine as a living traditional expression; He also stressed that traditional medicine is not a matter specific to Acaxochitlan, because it is performed in other municipalities.

He added that Traditional Medicine Day is November 20, and that he seeks to pass on traditional knowledge from generation to generation.

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