Marvel’s ‘Thor’ Chris Hemsworth celebrates his new movie with a banquet: Look at everything he ate

Marvel’s ‘Thor’ Chris Hemsworth celebrates his new movie with a banquet: Look at everything he ate

The imposing and athletic character that Chris Hemsworth, Thor’s translator, possesses is evident. His fans are witnessing the incredible effort he puts in to stay in great shape. And although she eats a well-balanced diet, during a visit to California she decided to break it down.

The actor has one of the most bustling bodies in Hollywood. To get it, he underwent a healthy, high-calorie diet that he ate eight times a day, as revealed by the portal Sixth page.

His Instagram account is a reflection of the hard work he puts in to identifying him with workout routines and even raising a giant frame.

Chris Hemsworth dinner

The actor shared the moment he arrived straight to the food bar “Charlie de Chargrill”, where he enjoyed some “wild dishes”, and posted daily Mail.

Australia-based Chris Hemsworth, 38, with his two children and wife, Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, traveled to the United States to promote his new movie “Extract 2” and apparently developed a huge appetite during his trip.

The “God of Thunder” ordered a family size pizza and 12 buffalo chicken wings to enjoy with a dinner partner. On top of that, Chris and his friend added a few beers to the succulent menu.

The only healthy food on the table was the carrot and celery sticks that accompanied the chicken wings. “I just landed in Los Angeles and thought I’d start with a very healthy and light meal,” he joked, explaining the shot.

“I want to be a pizza”

Followers of the interpreter of Thor reacted with astonishment and humor to the impressive banquet photos. Some did not believe what they saw, while others mocked the artist’s taste for pizza.

“This is how a bull eats”; “Everything is light when you also have lightning and thunder”; “Chris Hemsworth puts pineapple on pizza. It’s formal and socially acceptable”; “I want to be a pizza.”

According to Ryan Sher, co-owner of the restaurant, Chris and his friend ordered a signature “Charlie’s Chicken Roll,” a roasted whole chicken, medium fries and a large Rocket Man salad. Ordered at a cost of $66.

So if you ever wondered where Thor gets so much power, with these pictures your doubts will surely be dispelled.

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