‘Batman’, a ‘too scary’ movie with a psychopathic villain


Robert Pattinson Cuomo Batman.

The return of The Dark Knight is getting closer and closer. will be the March 4, 2022 when The Batman movie arrived, the long-awaited version of Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson succeeding Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne. Although there are months left, the Test shows with the masses To see their reactions. Of course, the first leaks arrived that did not hesitate to classify the movie as real horror movie.

It was Speaker Blurayangel, co-founder and co-host of the GOAT Movies podcast, who revealed many facts about the movie. According to him, it was an acquaintance who attended one of these audition shows. “It’s a horror movie. It’s very graphic, very dark and very scary. Paul Dano is so deranged and scary that I adored him every second.”

But they weren’t just impressions of the movie, as it detailed each new character, as well as iconic elements like the Batmobile. The first thing he revealed is that The duration of the tape in these projections is three hours.

On the other hand, he commented on his impressions of Zoe Kravitz’s cat. “It’s definitely my favourite.”He said. Additionally, Pattinson’s voice as Batman has been described as “perfect”. The new Batmobile has been described as a “marvel”. In addition, he described a scene that made the entire audience scream. “There is a scene at the end that literally made everyone scream, everyone sighed… as if there was no other way for everyone…,” he described, avoiding giving details that could be spoiler.

It should be noted that it is not a direct source and is a drop test, which could mean that what was seen in this test may not be in the final compilation in March. The obvious thing is that Warner seeks to avoid another failure And it wouldn’t be surprising, from these passes to the premiere, that there was a reshoot, as happened with other productions like “Spider-Man: No Way Home” by Sony and Marvel.

What seems obvious is that Reeves is looking for a different approach to what we saw earlier. In the event that it is confirmed as a horror movie, this would take it away from the epic look of Snyder, the psychological look of Nolan or Kit Burton and Schumacher. It will be a fresh approach to DC’s character, just as Reeves himself has promised.

At the moment, the presented developments have been well received by fans, whose expectations were very high despite the difficulties that occurred with the filming of the film, as well as its release date, both of which were marked by the coronavirus pandemic.

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