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The 45th National Congress of Internal Medicine will be held in Mérida from November 23 to 26, organized by the AC College of Internal Medicine of Mexico (CMIM) at the International Convention Center of Yucatan.

At the event, Rubén Antonio Gómez Mendoza, President of CMIM, told that they will talk about diseases that have a high prevalence in the country, such as diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension, and neurological diseases, among others.

He said that they have so far confirmed the attendance of about 3,000 people, but they expect the number to be higher than that, because many people come with their families, which increases the flow, as well as the economic benefits that the conference promotes.

In addition, he explained that they will provide books on internal medicine and Covid-19, prepared by specialists; “It’s a great academic party,” he said.

Irma Archundia Riveros, associate member of the College of Internal Medicine, reports that there are 47 activists in the country who are in the process of being revitalized, so she figures their participation in the conference will pay for itself.

“As a result of Covid-19 for the general population, it was very clear that a medical update is of great importance,” he said.

He said that Mexico is a pioneer in the field of medicine throughout Latin America, which is why people from other countries will also participate in this event to talk about oncology, heart disease and hematology, which opens up the opportunity for internal medicine specialists, but also for those who are not alone. who work in general medicine.

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Rosalía García Peña, First Secretary of CMIM, noted that this congress has been planned for more than a year, “and the result is fantastic” and for four days it will be academic sessions with activities to address issues related to health, as well as a presentation of books for doctors to continue training.

In addition, he reported that as part of this conference, they would implement a directive change, with the protest of the new president; Likewise, they will hold elections for the next board of directors who will replace them in 2024.

For two years they had virtual events and competitions, but now they are once again able to hold a face-to-face conference thanks to the current conditions of the pandemic, “we are very excited.”

For more information about the conference and program, we invite you to consult web page.

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