Mean Girls: LGBT+ Actresses and Actresses in Real Life

Mean Girls: LGBT+ Actresses and Actresses in Real Life

heavy girls (I mean girls) is a movie that features a generation of teens, and many of its actors and actresses are part of the LGBT+ community in real life.

the film heavy girls/I mean girls (Tina Fey, 2004) is one of the Classic films of the first decade of the twenty-first centuryAnd in the cast there are several Actors and actresses who came out of the closet In real life as members of the LGBT+ community over the years. Here we tell you who they are.

Daniel Francis

Daniel Francis It is one of the Most remembered characters From this movie, well Damien was tenderThe boy who welcomes a character Lindsey Lohan in your friends group. The the actor A native From the United States of America he is gay On the The real lifejust like his character in heavy girls. Daniel revealed that he was part of the LGBT+ community on April 24, 2014. He did so through a public message. do this a test To discover any character heavy girls be.

Daniel (right) with Lizzie Kaplan (left) / Photo: Twitter (@BelievDemiChile)

On June 28, 2022, Daniel Francis hung in meeting with Sixth page That during a period of his life Went to “conversion therapy” Because He thought he could change his sexual orientation. The translator recounted that he suffered “brainwashing” In these sessions, but Nothing changed who he really is:

“I went to one-on-one therapy where there were sessions with someone who was trying to directly change me and make me pray for the homosexual to go.”

Currently, Daniel is a proud and happy gay man. He made too Other LGBT+ roles as his character Eddie in Looking: the movie.

Lindsey Lohan

actress Lindsey Lohan It was the hero of the story From heavy girls. Your charismatic personality Cady Heron gave her her teen icon. Lindsay Lohan in He’s constantly said that he doesn’t like to categorize his sexual orientation. however, He had romantic relationships with boys and girls. Some of the celebrities who were with her are Wilmer ValderramaAnd the Igor Tarabasov and the DJ Samantha Ronson. Watch when LINDSAY LOHAN helped a fan out of the closet.

Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan in 2008 / Photo: Into

In an interview with 2008 with the magazine Harper’s BazaarLindsey Lohan She made it clear that she was not a lesbianbut at the time he was asked whether the can be bisexualThe famous actress replied:

“It could be, but I don’t want to categorize myself.”

Jonathan Bennett is another representative of heavy girls From LGBT + in real life

Jonathan Bennett Share in said The film as the heart of history. he is gaybut that’s not all, because even married with your partner, James Fon. The actress and her husband got married in Mexico The March 19, 2022 And they are carrying Together more than 4 years. Check out pictures of Jonathan and James’ wedding in the Riviera Maya.

James Vaughan (left) and Jonathan Bennett (right) / Photo: Instagram (@jonathandbenet)

The translator who gave life Samuel Aaron and gone a fan For many, many teens Out of the closet in 2017. The truth is that Jonathan looks very happy now And even though it’s been several years since he’s directed any movies or been in any series, he seems to be shining with his life. Next to James Vaughan. See 10 photos of Jonathan Bennett with her husband.

Rajiv Surendra

Rajiv Surendra game Kevin C. in heavy girls. she was One of his fellow athletes Which Cady Heron went to the contest where she had to clear her name after abusing her teacher. Currently, Rajiv is living out of the closet as a gay boy. it’s a clerk s Artist Draw.

Rajiv has moved away from acting, but now he writes and is a visual artist. / Photo: HGTV

The The Canadian artist is currently single and living happily ever after In an apartment in New York.

Did you know that all of these actors and actresses are members of the LGBT+ community?

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