What time does Stranger Things 4 premiere on Netflix?

What time does Stranger Things 4 premiere on Netflix?

Madrid, June 30 (CultureLe Leisure) –

Weird things Places ending to her Season 4 on Netflix. The series, one of the most successful titles in the history of the streaming service, returns to solve the great battle between Eleven, Mike, Will, Dustin, Lucas, Max and his company against Vecna ​​and other fearsome creatures from The Upside Down in two final chapters coming to the streaming service. This Friday July 1. But… When does Stranger Things Season 4 premiere on Netflix?

After the release of 7 episodes on May 27 that made up the first volume of Season 4, Volume 2 contains only two chapters that yes, It has an extra long time, typical of two films. So Chapter Eight will continue 80 minutesThe ninth and final episode will arrive 140 minutes. That is to say, roughly two and a half hours of chapter to close the darkest and most wonderful season of novels created by the Dover Brothers.

These two new chapters will follow the same line as other Netflix releases, arriving on the platform at 09:00 am Spain time. For those who live in Canary Islandswill be in It’s 08:00, an hour before new episodes of Stranger Things are available. However, in other Spanish-speaking countries, the release of the novel will have another time.

Fans of intrigue and adventure in the series created by the Duffer Brothers who reside in it Mexico New episodes will be available from After midnight, according to the time zone of the central region. Also at 02:00, the series will arrive starring Winona Ryder, David Harbor, Matthew Modine, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown or Gaten Matarazzo. El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala or Nicaragua.

in three in the morning When will the end of the fourth season of Stranger Things appear to the resident audience? Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia and the eastern part of the United States.

For those viewers in Venezuela, Bolivia, Dominican Republic or Puerto RicoThe two new chapters of the series can be watched on Netflix from It’s 04:00.

For their part, those who want to watch and stay in the last two episodes of Season 4 of Stranger Things Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil (Brasilia and Sao Paulo time) You will be able to enjoy new deliveries from five A.M. a midnight That will be when the Netflix star series premieres Western part of the United States.

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